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Our Approach

We understand the need to connect with your audience across multiple touchpoints and have a team who specialise in running Paid Social campaigns across: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snap. We hold preferred partnerships with these platforms. With this we gain first access to beta testing and are able to stay on top of the latest algorithm updates and paid social ad formats.

We run our paid social campaigns with a view to bring consumers through the purchase funnel. We see the role of paid social as being part of a wider media mix, in order to drive brand growth and assist conversion. We work closely with our organic social and creative content teams to ensure the messaging of our ads protects and elevates your brand whilst resonating with your target audience. We activate our ads using the funnel model to help increase performance.

Image from a Malone Sourliers Paid Media campaign

Paid Social’s Role in Converting Luxury Consumers

The role of Paid Social as a media channel has evolved and will continue to change with the ongoing disappearance of cookies, third party data and increased data privacy regulations. As such, how we as an agency are activating paid social for our clients has needed to adapt. More than ever paid social plays a vital role in reaching consumers and driving consideration in order to assist digital marketing conversions. Depending on the chosen platform, activating paid social campaigns can broaden your audience pool and ultimately lead to conversations across the marketing funnel.

Image from a Clive Christian Paid Media campaign

Paid Social Media Channels

Meta, (otherwise known as Facebook/ Instagram) is not the only consideration when it comes to activating on paid social. We work across a number of social media platforms in order to drive results for the brands we work with. As part of our paid social marketing strategy we will be advising which paid social platforms to prioritise and which to be introduced as performance grows.

Facebook & Instagram Paid Social: We activate paid social campaigns across Meta and this is one of the core platforms brands typically have a paid social presence. The ad formats are varied and very visual enabling us to drive a wide range of ad objectives for our client campaigns, from awareness campaigns through to shopping campaigns.

TikTok Paid Social – Analysts expect daily TikTok active users to number 1.8bn by the end of 2022, just going to show the rise and relevance of the video sharing platform. We know that HNW are becoming increasingly active on the platform with 22% now using the platform to research brands and products ahead of purchase. We are a chosen partner and paid social media agency for luxury brands and with this we’ve gained access to early beta ad formats/ objectives. We were one of the first agencies to trial the follower growth campaign objective in Europe. Our teams create bespoke strategies that take full advantage of the unique formats and audiences that TikTok offers, allowing you to authentically connect with consumers.

Pinterest Paid Social – used as a network to seek inspiration across the globe, we’re seeing an upward growth in users to almost 500 million monthly. The platform is predominantly used by the female demographic and caters to particular interests such as interiors, fashion and beauty. Benefits include brand exposure and options to shop products directly.

LinkedIn – a key tool for targeting affluent consumers designed to enhance brand awareness and reputability, LinkedIn has the highest penetration of HNW users. Whilst predominantly a B2B platform, we have seen success across B2C paid social media campaigns in particular sectors i.e property. The engagement on the platform has peaked in Western countries in 2022 and we’re constantly reviewing how LinkedIn can be a beneficial tool for our clients.

Snapchat – Snapchat reaches 75% of millennials and Gen Z (Snap 2022), whilst a somewhat more underused platform, Snap is a platform that we consider as part of our media delivery for our clients

Image from a Creed Fragrances Paid Media campaign

Creative Fit for Media and Optimal Delivery

VERB has an in-house creative team who are experts in elevating existing brand content and repurposing media into appropriate media assets for social advertising.

Our VERB team can also produce highly tailored creative assets across visual production (film & photography), graphic design, animation and copywriting. Working closely with our clients to ensure their vision is brought to life through tailored content marketing strategies and compelling visuals.


Image from a Calzedonia Paid Media campaign

The VERB Difference

The premium market is our bread and butter. We’re natives in speaking to the high net-worth audience and truly know how to reach them. We have built a hub of data which we have called “Luxury IQ” built from the years of servicing luxury clients – lists of contextual targeting, keyword targeting, our private marketplace of white glove media outlets: all to cater to the luxury market. Our creative and media team work closely to create engaging ads fit for media, to ensure your brand is elevated in the right way when being advertised to existing and potential audiences. Working closely with our PPC and SEO teams, we can create targeted digital marketing campaigns across various channels.

Image from a Alexa Chung Paid Media campaign

Social Media Advertising Reporting

We don’t have a “one size fits all” approach to paid social strategy or reporting.  We want to be your strategic partner so one of the first things we do is work with you to identify the metrics & analysis your team & stakeholders require. From this, we will build out the most relevant data-driven dashboard or executive summaries as a standard. At VERB we automate all reporting, allowing our team to focus their time on the highest return tasks like analysing data, the optimisation  of your campaigns, and spotting expansion opportunities.



Image from a Calzedonia Paid Media campaign

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