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PPC AKA Paid Search, sits at the heart of digital performance and how the affluent consumer searches. We create and manage PPC campaigns with a focus on reaching quality traffic, to drive efficiency, maximise growth and help you get ahead of your competitors.

PPC Strategy and Campaign Management Services

Running PPC and Paid Search campaigns used to be a lot more simple: The landscape has dramatically shifted over the past few years with an increase in the number of targeting options, the development of deeper automation, and the growing competition.

We take pride in the knowledge that we are at the cutting edge of Search media through our partnerships with key platforms from Google, to Yandex to Baidu (as well as alternative search engines); but more than that, we have the knowledge and understanding of brand nuance to reach affluent consumers, in the way that will resonate.

Our years of experience allow us to optimise and deliver data-driven PPC adverts to your target audience, whether through traditional Google Adwords accounts, Google Shopping, display advertising, or remarketing.


Image from a Malone Sourliers Paid Media campaign

Protecting Brand for Luxury Positioning

We know more than ever that marketing luxury is all about understanding and protecting brand. It’s about attention to detail. It’s about communicating clearly but with a consistent tone of voice and brand narrative. We make sure our search ads are using best practice but also reflect your brand effectively. Effective copywriting for your search ads is what helps us drive performance and ROAS for our PPC marketing campaigns. We achieve this by crafting ad copy in a way to improve quality score while tailoring it to your target demographic, and reducing overall cost per click (CPC) in the process.

Image from a Clive Christian Paid Media campaign

An Audience-centric Approach to Pay Per Click

We take an audience-centric approach to PPC advertising. This starts with really understanding who your audience are, how they search and how they interact with your business. We do this through carrying out in-depth and extensive keyword research, search trends and understanding your first party data. We build our campaigns based on search intent, how your business is structured commercially and the goals we’re trying to achieve with our digital program. Using audience signals we’re able to minmise budget wastage and maximise results. In doing so we’re able to activate sophisticated audience targeting and understand how we can set up our campaigns in order to respond to real-time changes in the business. We use a mixture of contextual signals, combined with 1st & 3rd party data to ensure that we’re qualifying your audience against your campaigns to make your spend go further.

Image from a Creed Fragrances Paid Media campaign

The VERB Difference

The premium market is our bread and butter. We’re natives in speaking to the high net-worth audience and truly know how to reach them. We have built a hub of data which we have called “Luxury IQ” built from the years of servicing luxury clients. This hub lists contextual targeting, keyword targeting, our private marketplace of white glove paid media titles: all to cater to the luxury market and effectively reach the 1%

We are a GooglePremium Partner and an Ads Accredited Partner. We have developed relationships with the platform to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to PPC management. Each year we have a number of visits from the Google team where they share with us the latest best practise.

Image from a Calzedonia Paid Media campaign

PPC Reporting

We don’t have a “one size fits all” approach to reporting. We want to be your strategic partner so one of the first things we do is work with you to identify the metrics & analysis your team & stakeholders require,whether that be to monitor website traffic to exact key landing pages or to build long-term brand awareness. From this, we will build out the most relevant, bespoke dashboard or executive summaries as a standard. At VERB we automate all reporting, allowing our team to focus their time on the highest return tasks like analysing data, optimising your campaigns, and spotting cross-channel digital marketing strategy expansion opportunities, working closely with our SEO and Social Media marketing teams to do so.

Image from a Alexa Chung Paid Media campaign

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Speak to a digital consultant about your paid search strategy.

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