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Although SEO is seen as a longer-term gain, we have the ability to work on a campaign-level basis, whether that is to kick-start SEO efforts or to run alongside key event dates or product launches, we can create a tailored SEO solution and campaign strategy to suit your needs.

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As a luxury digital marketing agency, our focus is on driving commercial SEO results. We strive to increase traffic, the quality of visitors, and ultimately revenue.

Technical Auditing

Every technical SEO project begins with an audit. Our team can analyse your website from every technical angle, understanding where its strengths and weaknesses sit, providing recommendations, and working closely with your development teams to fix crucial issues. Ensuring that your site is performing well from a technical standpoint is crucial to a successful SEO Campaign.

Landing Page Creation

A well structured landing page strategy is the gateway to higher rankings. Strategising, designing and assisting on building optimised SEO content, we can ensure that your key pages are set up for organic success.

Competitor Analysis

Before committing to an SEO strategy, understanding what your competitors are doing in the organic space is vital. An in-depth competitor analysis will uncover any approaches, tactics and tricks your competitors are using to gain an edge in SERPs – incorporating these learnings into your own strategy can help supercharge your own performance.

Quick-Win Analysis

SEO is a long-term commitment but there are often ‘low-hanging fruit’ that can be quickly implemented to see positive impact early on. VERB’s quick-win analysis will help identify the highest priority and easiest to implement opportunities to get your organic growth off to a flying start.

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