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Luxury Brands Entering the World of TikTok

TikTok, the short form video sharing app, has been capturing the attention of marketers for the last year, with its huge audience acquitision and high engagement rates. It’s clear the app is no longer in its’ ‘experimental’ phase as we are seeing more brands utilising the tool as a staple in their marketing campaigns and strategies. But what about TikTok for luxury brands? We have been discussing TikTok with our clients for some time now, and there are a few ways in which Luxury can approach TikTok; from advertising, infuencer work, to an organic channel strategy. We caught up with Kristina Karassoulis, Luxury Brand Partnerships, and friend of VERB to discuss Luxury and TikTok and her take on some of the successes we have seen from luxury brands so far. 

What can marketing with TikTok achieve for luxury brands?

TikTok allows luxury brands to be in the epicentre of trends, making them relevant to new audiences and helping them reach a highly engaged global community. If brands lean into the unique full-screen, sound-on environment on TikTok, it can elevate marketing and advertising campaigns to new levels, helping luxury brands appeal to consumers who may not have considered them before. We have seen countless global brands already do this successfully and set the standard for best-in-class brand campaigns, which deliver real business results. For example, Gucci adapted itself perfectly for its arrival on TikTok. The brand went from gracing the most premium publications with glossy cover wraps, to launching a quirky and extremely successful #AccidentalInfluencer campaign, which saw phenomenal traction, demonstrating that TikTok transcends generations. The campaign saw seemingly identical people congregate in every-day situations, wearing similar outfits and wearing Gucci’s Tennis 1977 sneaker. The campaign launched on Gucci’s social media channels, with specially choreographed videos for TikTok.

What do you think is the biggest threat to luxury brands?

The way people interact with brands is constantly evolving, making it crucial for luxury brands to do the same. Digital channels are the primary channels upon which consumers now engage with brands, particularly as the ever changing CV-19 restrictions limit physical footfall at stores. Luxury brands have historically been slower to adapt to digital, and while in the past year we’ve seen more brands embrace new technology, such as digital live streaming, interactive spaces, AR, and virtual try-ons, the sector can still go further to adapt and appeal to the next generation of fashion lovers. With millions of conversations happening online about brands, the biggest threat is being left out.

How has consumer behaviour on TikTok changed?

Our TikTok community has always been about creativity and authenticity, sharing real-life experiences and putting a fresh twist on emerging cultural trends. TikTok became famous for dance challenges, but in the past year, we’ve seen a diverse ecosystem of content emerge – from creators using TikTok to campaign on issues that matter to them, through to creators sharing their expertise and knowledge to help people learn something new. Our community is redefining what luxury means to them and responds well to brands who can put their money where their mouth is in terms of circularity, diversity, and transparency

We are also seeing a change in the way consumers are interacting with brands, with a move away from a one-way conversation to more of a dialogue, or where they’re riffing on trends to make them their own. One of my absolute all-time favourite examples is the famous JW Anderson’s cardigan – TikTok users started recreating the rainbow-coloured knitted garment from JW Anderson’s Spring 2020 men’s collection after it was worn by singer Harry Styles during a rehearsal for his performance on The Today Show back in February. The hashtag #HarryStylesCardigan on TikTok has since accumulated more than 33M views. It was one of the first instances when a brand, especially an emerging one, has not just enjoyed this level of organic virality, but also inspired millions of people to brush off their knitting skills and take action. 


The colourblock cardigan has been on an incredible journey this year, all because of you! #harrystylescardigan #jwanderson

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Can you give an example of a great campaign a luxury brand ran on TikTok and why it was successful?

We often have brands coming to us after spotting a viral moment and wanting to make the most of it. For this to work effectively, brands need to take a look at what our community is already saying about them on the platform and what’s featured in people’s For You Pages. That way, they can leverage these trends early on in the ‘viral moment’ hypercycle. Jacquemus recreating an Adele concert with its handbags is a great example of this. We also have brands coming to us wanting to start new trends and viral moments. Balmain brought its 75th-anniversary fashion show to life on a boat on the Seine and was the first brand to broadcast a fashion show live on TikTok. The engagement level showed just how well TikTok’s fashion community responds to this kind of content, with the  #BalmainsurSeine hashtag reaching 15.6m views.

What would be your key advice to luxury brands nervous about joining TikTok?

My biggest piece of advice is to push the creative boundaries, throw out the rulebook and don’t be afraid to fail. TikTok isn’t like other platforms. It requires a fresh approach to creating content that is uniquely TikTok. Always remember to be authentic. TikTok is not about the glossiest, perfect-life image – it’s about expressing yourself and showcasing your passions. Brands need to remember they can be natural, they don’t need to be perfect, they can easily engage. Also, they don’t have to change their whole brand to succeed on TikTok, it’s about the way they deliver certain messages.

TikTok is known for being a platform for younger consumers; is this perspective correct and if so, do you see this shifting now or in the future?

We have a big Gen Z audience but this has been evolving as our community has grown. 67% of our audience is aged 25 and over (Kantar, The Power of TikTok research). In the past year, we’ve seen lots of families getting involved and grandparents emerging as unexpected style icons on TikTok, proving that anyone can create and succeed on our platform.

What advice would you give when engaging with influencers on TikTok?

The first thing to understand about TikTok is that it’s a content graph, not a social graph. What that means is that videos are recommended to users on what, rather than who, they like. That unique way of recommending content is how creators on TikTok can go viral without having a single follower. That means it isn’t about chasing followers – our user experience is optimised for discovery and good content over all else, leading to long session times and high engagement. For brands, there is a huge opportunity to collaborate with fresh, up-and-coming creators to tell their story, who understand what content works for their users and can give brands the best opportunity to go viral. The TikTok Creator Marketplace also helps brands to identify the best creators to collaborate with.

A great example of a brand that successfully engaged creators is Moncler, who recently launched the #monclerbubbleup challenge with the help of TikTok stars like Charli d’Amelio, Bella Poarch, Michael Le and Abby Roberts. The challenge brings Moncler’s warmth and vibrancy to a new audience, encouraging users to rise to the top as they embrace the Brand’s XXL spirit in a uniquely Moncler way. Creators were challenged to wrap themselves in a conceptual bubble – a sleeping bag, a mattress, forest leaves, whatever you fancy – inspired by the architectural shapes of Moncler jackets. They then used TikTok’s creative editing suite to transition into a Moncler jacket to finish the look. The challenge has already reached over 4.7billion views on TikTok – one of the biggest end-of-year viral hashtags.

How does TikTok differ from Reels?

TikTok is a next generation app – the experience we have created for our community is unique and different to other platforms. Our mission is to inspire creativity and to bring joy, and we do that by creating a safe space where people can feel comfortable expressing themselves to the full and share this creative expression with a truly global community. We offer our users: A low barrier for creation and self-expression, thanks to an easy-to-use suite of editing tools, music and effects. An approach that recommends videos based on what (rather than who) you like: to go viral on TikTok, you don’t need a single follower.  A place that brings people and communities together through content that transcends culture, location and age. 

Are there lessons big luxury brands can learn from smaller luxury brands with TikTok?

Brands, established or emerging, are a hugely important part of the TikTok experience. They are welcome on our platform as creators and the way people interact with brands is unlike anywhere else. However, this means that brands need to behave differently. They can’t just count on having a huge following by default – the brands that are successful on TikTok are the ones that are authentic and put the time and effort into engaging with the TikTok community and trends. TikTok provides an opportunity for luxury fashion brands to show an unfiltered side of themselves, which appeals to consumers from all walks of life. This opens an entirely new window of opportunity for brands – especially those in the luxury space – to engage new audiences in ways they never have before. A great example of this is Selfridges, historically associated with high-end luxury products and a refined shopping experience. However, its TikTok account is full of witty, fun, and creative content that appeals to a wide range of users. For example, this video of an Estee Lauder lipstick being created racked up a huge 1.1 million likes.


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Thank you for all your answers and examples you provided Kristina! 

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