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Increase reach and brand awareness across the hotel’s key social media platforms, whilst also reshaping their SEO strategy.
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VERB has worked with The Ritz London on a variety of creative projects. The most recent projects being to increase The Ritz’s reach and brand awareness across key social media platforms, whilst overcoming the challenge of adapting their current SEO strategy.


The Ritz undertook a major restoration project, which in turn affected the services on offer at the hotel including room availability, private dining, access to events spaces and the hotel salon. 

VERB approached these tasks by implementing a campaign across SEO, Paid Search and Social. When launching our Paid Search and Social campaign we took a full funnel approach to increase reach and brand awareness by prioritising traffic, engagement, conversion and lifetime value. This was achieved by producing visually creative and engaging assets highlighting the brand’s story and a mixture of relevant visuals and accompanying materials in the form of image carousels and still images. 

Across the SEO campaign, VERB focused on services that would be business as usual throughout the renovation of the hotel, driving visibility for priority landing pages through the optimisation of on-page elements and competitor analysis.This was to continue optimising and improving visibility across the site to allow the growth of organic performance. A strong content strategy was produced driving consistent seasonality content aiming to boost local authority and niche audiences to the website. 


Over the Paid Search and social campaign period The Ritz London saw an increase of 2.3 million impressions and 20,894 landing page views. The full funnel approach also saw an increase in engagement in the form of 3,914 afternoon tea ‘Book Now’ clicks. 

The SEO campaign was successful in strengthening the generic visibility growth with a 56% increase in generic keywords and led to a 55% increase in organic sessions for home page landing. Thanks to this, The Ritz London also saw a 58% increase in first page rankings within the positions 1 – 10.

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