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We craft social-first strategies for our brands. Through social listening, in-house research and community engagement we stay ahead of the ever-changing landscape and deliver an unparalleled organic and paid social media service.

What We Do

Social Media Management

We have been commended for our beautiful and strategic approach to social media marketing. We deliver social media management, strategy, content creation as well as paid social media campaigns. We pride ourselves in luxury communication and take a beautiful, bespoke and calculated approach to social media for our clients. 

Our team takes a strategic approach to your social media. We start by analysing your social media and audience. By taking a deep dive into the performance of your channels, we fully immerse ourselves in understanding who your brand is talking to as well as what content resonates with the audience best. In the early stages we work closely with you to establish your brand and how to best communicate effectively on social media. We create an official social media tone of voice – verbally and visually.

Community Management

Community Management is an always-on essential, plus it can really help drive awareness of your brand. Not only is it needed to deliver a great customer experience, it also holds value when engaging proactively. 


  • Validates the channel as ‘active’ within the algorithm, helping to boost organic visibility
  • Drives brand awareness and in turn, helps grow followers
  • Helps solidify your brand tone of voice

Influencer Marketing

Whilst Influencer marketing is often positioned as a way to reach new and engaged audience groups, it’s also a great tool to achieve beautiful content that can be re-shared on your own feed. We have worked with our clients to not only curate beautiful content through influencer partnerships but also through sourcing and requesting permission to use such user-generated content on our client’s social media feeds. We build advocacy so you don’t have to always be spending to produce content.

Social Content Creation

Social media is at the heart of a brand’s day to day communications and enables touch points for the consumer to engage and fall in love with your brand. With social media management, VERB will source, create and curate your content, ensuring the right messaging is appearing on the right platform. Our team will work with you month on month to deliver a strategic approach curating the most beautiful content aligned with your brand ethos.

Social Media Strategy

One of VERB’s biggest strengths is the ability to create successful organic social media strategies for luxury brands.Our team of experts have a deep understanding of each social platform and designs each brand’s strategy considering the most important factors of each social media channel to achieve optimum results. In addition, we are at the forefront of digital insights, always leading the way in researching and sharing the latest essential industry trends and platform changes.

Working across luxury fashion, hospitality and lifestyle brands, the main organic social media activity occurs on key platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

TikTok for Luxury Brands

TikTok provides luxury brands with the opportunity to be at the forefront of cultural trends, ensuring relevance when tackling new markets and audiences and helping them reach a highly engaged global community.

Our VERB social team has extensive experience in elevating luxury brands’ social media presence, through comprehensive TikTok launch strategies, creator collaborations and compelling content. Our all encompassing approach is used to increase brand awareness, encourage engagement and ultimately drive conversion.

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