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Technical SEO is the bedrock of not only SEO campaigns, but any digital marketing campaign and imperative in the website’s overall performance.

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What is Technical SEO?

Understanding and improving a website from a technical standpoint ensures that the website not only runs smoothly from a user’s perspective but can be understood by search engines too.

Navigating through changing Google algorithms, VERB’s SEO auditing and maintenance process provides clear directions on what existing issues the website is facing as well as the impact that this may be having on top-line figures such as traffic or revenue. This process means that technical issues and fixes can be clearly prioritised.

Ultimately, the improvement of a website’s technical capabilities allows all other work conducted from on-page content creation to backlink building to fulfil its potential without hindrance. 

How can we help?

Auditing & Consultation

Every technical project starts with an audit. This is our opportunity to get under the hood of your website and diagnose its technical strengths and shortcomings. We’ll work closely with your internal and external teams during the consultation process, building out your roadmap to technical excellence. With ever-changing Google algorithms, technical SEO auditing will be conducted on a regular basis to implement fixes where necessary.

Unlike some other SEO companies, we will deliver a technical SEO audit report upon starting with you, in order to establish a bespoke roadmap for you. We will then continue doing audits every 3-6 months to check in on the site. Our reports map out detailed recommendations to better your SEO and website performance.

Localisation and Hreflang

A strong technical foundation is the bedrock of successful localisation. We can turn your ambition for global reach into a targeted, market-focused organic strategy, while taking the heavy lifting out of key technical tasks like hreflang rollout.

Website Development & Migration Support

Building SEO best practice into the root of a website means creating a foundation that allows your content to naturally thrive. We’ll work closely with your development team to ensure sites are future-proofed from alogothem updates and hit the ground running with tailored migration support.

Mobile-first SEO

In 2018, Google moved to mobile-first indexing, recognising the dominance of users searching on mobile. It is vital to ensure that the website is assessed from a mobile-first perspective as Google considers mobile user experience as a ranking factor.

Whether you require long-term technical support, for example to assist with a site migration and fixes, or just auditing and consultation to uncover the major issues the website faces, VERB can assist in identifying the core issues your website faces and building out a tailored technical SEO solution to build a solid foundation for the performance of your website across not just SEO but all digital channels.

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