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Influencer Marketing Strategy

Our team will work with the different stakeholders in your business to understand your business goals when collaborating with talent. We work to identify the right influencers and how best as a brand to engage, incentivise and ignite influencers to spread your message to your target audience. We have established relationships with influencers within the luxury sphere; these influencers are selective about which brands they work with and how they work. It’s our job to create a clear and bespoke brief for the influencer to create a collaboration which will position your brand in the right way.

We manage your influencer marketing campaigns end-to-end, from mapping, tracking, co-creation, partnerships, media and measurement.

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Social Media Influencer Identification

We have established a focused and engaged network of influencers. Our close collaboration with content creators enables us to identify the right influencers and match them perfectly to the brief and brand, allowing us to build brand loyalty. The network has also allowed us to understand the performance of our influencers and “influencer marketing” better by tracking and understanding the results on campaigns across a variety of brands. We will create the incentivisation strategy, whether that forms around the joining experiences that we host or gifting or paid strategy, we will execute this for you.

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Influencer Content Creation

As a global influencer marketing agency our relationships and experience with influencers has taught us that the best results will always come from the most authentic campaigns and activations. We will select influencers that fit with the campaign and brand; looking to match up influencers who would, in reality, engage with your brand. This is why, as an agency, we partner with influencers and help to build the framework of the campaign rather than dictate posting

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Analysis & Reporting

Influencer marketing is notorious for being difficult to analyse. Whether it is brand awareness, engagement or whether you’re looking for sales, we will analyse the campaigns looking at the metrics you care about most and creating best-in-class reporting deliverables.

How can we help?

Whilst Influencer marketing is often positioned as a way to reach new and engaged audience groups, it’s also a great tool to achieve beautiful content that can be re-shared on your own feed. We have worked with our clients to not only curate beautiful content through influencer partnerships but also through sourcing and requesting permission to use such user-generated content on our client’s social media feeds. We build advocacy so you don’t have to always be spending to produce content.

VERB is very much a global entity. We are part of the Croud Group which gives us great scale. Our global presence allows us to facilitate influencer strategies and campaign implementation to a wider audience, elevating the reach of your product or service on offer. 


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