Aston Martin

In September VERB took over and relaunched Aston Martin’s TikTok channel, with the objective of establishing the brand as an iconic player within the luxury space on TikTok.

Increase in video views


Increase in followers


Increase in engagement

In order to do this, we set out to increase their brand presence through this channel by growing their followers and creating platform-specific content. As part of our overall strategy, we undertook a See, Think, Do approach to reach target audiences at different stages of the funnel.

In order to achieve success, we needed to factor in TikTok content principles to connect with the brand audience in a way that feels ownable and on brand. With this in mind, we used tactics such as using trending sounds and creative transitions in order to appeal to TikTok audiences. The brand was brought to life through aesthetically satisfying and playful content, and we built an authentic connection between the audience and the brand in a way that feels native to the platform.

Off the back of launching our new strategy, the account saw some really positive results.

As an agency we believe it’s important to ensure our clients are at the forefront of social and channel innovation and to do this, we felt TikTok was a key channel they needed to be exploring as a brand. As we’ve seen through audience engagement, the Aston Martin TikTok channel is now known for its content that cuts-through on a saturated platform.

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