Verb manages Creed Fragrances’ full social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

Verb designs the social media channel’s look and feel and implements the content strategy, evaluating and optimising this on a continuing basis. Verb also manages monthly paid spend campaigns as well as an ongoing influencer programme.

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  • Digital Creative Direction
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Paid Social
  • Social Influencer Management

Verb strategises, creates and manages the content and channels. Upon beginning the project, Verb analysed the goals, audiences and the current position of the platforms, using insights data and third party tools. This in-depth analysis allows Verb to put in place a successful content strategy that improves Creed Fragrances brand awareness, maximises brand loyalty and increases traffic and conversions to the website.

Verb is responsible for being the ever present voice for Creed Fragrances with community management being at the heart of growing the brand’s loyalty online. We have seen community responses such as “first class customer service”.

Each month Verb shares a social media report on the channel’s performance. Creed Fragrances client commented to say “This is the most in depth report I have seen from any agency.


Verb runs a monthly influencer programme with Creed Fragrances. Creed Fragrances unique influencer goal is for the fragrances to be seen in the hands of the right influencers on Instagram. Because of the high-end nature of the brand, Verb selectively works with characters of influence, across the fashion, sport and artistic disciplines. Verb has secured coverage from influencers such as fashion designer and presenter Marissa Montgomery, Fashion director and editor, Teo Van Den Broeke, Fashion influencer and boutique owner, Pippa Vosper, Creative consultant Julia Smith from Humphrey and Grace and celebrity chef Clodagh McKenna, to name a few.



Verb manages paid spend across Creed’s social media channels; the campaigns differ with the varying goals; whether that is engagement or clicks to the website. Here Verb A/B test content to see optimum results and draw conclusions on more popular product lines in different regions within the UK. The Facebook Aventus campaign run in May saw a click through rate of 1.92%, with direct conversions, and an overall uplift in sales of the Aventus product line.

+ 503%
Increase in Instagram Followers
+ 100%
Increase in Facebook Followers
+ 31%
Increase in Twitter Followers
+ 5.2%
Increase Average Engagement Rate Across all Channels
+ 5.2%
Increase Engagement Rate on Facebook
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