Top 8 Luxury Fashion Brands’ Instagram Accounts to Follow

Jennifer Cotton, our Head of Design, discusses her top 8 luxury fashion brands’ Instagram accounts and why she’s chosen them.

As a designer who’s worked in luxury fashion for a lot of my career, I have come to appreciate the high-quality design and attention to detail that comes hand in hand with the industry. However, what I am constantly surprised by, is the reluctance for some luxury brands to have this quality of branding and creative, spread successfully across all forms of marketing collateral, namely, their social media channels. Social media supplies a great opportunity for brands to communicate who they are and what their story really is with a consistent, regularly updated, source of information that is addressed directly to the younger clients of today. Instagram specifically, is such a visual medium for brands to showcase and advertise their individuality through, it’s a great shame that this particular outlet is often created as an afterthought, and therefore executed poorly with little effort.

I feel it’s important to celebrate those luxury brands who refuse to compromise on the quality of their digital output and are now effortlessly providing with a benchmark of what to aim for from a creative perspective with their Instagram accounts. Below I have selected my top eight luxury brands on Instagram and I’ll briefly discuss why I think each of these brands has achieved the luxury aesthetic throughout their Instagram channel that accurately reflects their brand. It goes without saying, design is subjective and what might work for most doesn’t work for everyone so if you’re reading this and you disagree, I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below on which brands you don’t agree with and which brands you think should be in there.

Instagram has grown its follower base exponentially over the last two years meaning the platform is saturated with content. Furthermore, the recent news feed algorithm change means certain content is favoured above others and brands could lose out on their content being seen. Therefore it is ever more important to ensure content is appealing to the target audience. The luxury fashion industry has recognised the need to take Instagram by the horns and used the platform to share their visions with their target audiences. We bring you eight luxury Instagram accounts we are continually pouring over. So what is their secret? Four things each and every one of these brands do well. Stay true to their brand identity; they get creative; they are consistent with their creative offering and their content is always of top quality. We’ll be continuing this series of Instagram accounts that catch our eye so stay tuned on our blog. Please do comment below accounts that have caught your eye- we’d love to hear from you.

No1. Gucci

Gucci Instagram

Since the brand appointed Alessandro Michele as their new Creative Director, in 2015, Gucci has gone from strength to strength. There is no doubting the fact Gucci are officially dominating the luxury fashion market, and their social media is no exception. Their Instagram account screams luxury and yet it fits exactly with their brand as a chic, stylish yet daring luxury fashion house.

No2. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Instagram

Louis Vuitton has been one of the major Instagram influencers within the luxury fashion market for a while, but their most recent Christmas social video campaign has really pushed them even further in our estimations. Their style is bold and decadent, in the perfect amount, and this is excellently reflected on their Instagram account.

No3. Burberry

Burberry Instagram

Burberry has a strongly curated feed whilst still not feeling contrived. They seamlessly create the perfect balance between campaign imagery and lifestyle imagery documenting Burberry branded events. They’re also pioneers creating “phygital” (physical + digital) campaigns like “The Art of the Trench” where they encourage existing clients to get involved in their social story. This social revolution repositioned the brand back in front of the correct audience, particularly abroad and they have reaped the rewards!

No4. Churches

Churches Instagram

Churches creates a clean, youthful composition throughout their feed whilst maintaining the brand values that are steeped in heritage. The brand’s quality and attention to detail are showcased perfectly through their choice of clean and simple campaign imagery alongside their product imagery and video. Whilst classic black and white photography is used throughout to represent the brand’s heritage, it’s interlaced with vibrant colourful images of their products to showcase their beautifully crafted shoes.

No5. Christian Louboutin

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 16.37.16

The Christian Louboutin Instagram feed truly lives up to all your expectations. Expect imagery that captures the imagination and truly immerses you into their World. It’s vibrant and eye-catching.

No6. Miu Miu

Miu Miu Instagram

Miu Miu creates a perfectly branded experience, representing the brand just as it was intended. Beauty with irony, overseen by the Italian designer herself, Miuccia Prada, known for her deliberately “ugly” aesthetic that has been changing the face of fashion since the 1990s. It’s that same aesthetic that has been carefully carried over to the Instagram channel to showcase the brand.

No7. Mulberry

Mulberry Instagram

Since Mulberry appointed the former Céline and Louis Vuitton designer, Johnny Coca, to be their creative director in 2015, the quintessentially British luxury brand has seen a lot of change. This includes their digital presence, which is virtually unrecognisable. Their Instagram feed portrays their hedonistic approach to British rebellion style perfectly. Compared to how the channel has looked previously, it has seen a complete revolution that has positioned the brand exactly where it needs to be, making the channel more engaged with its users and significantly increased its reach.

No8. Prada

Prada Instagram

Prada creates a captivating blend of illustration, behind-the-scenes photography, videography, campaign imagery and product imagery. Retaining their effortlessly cool attitude they are celebrated for. A lot of Instagram accounts should only showcase what goes on in front of the camera but if your brand operates within that area of the luxury market where you can have that behind the scenes relationship with your clients in real life then you should carry this over to your Instagram channel as Prada has.

If you’re considering a new direction for your social media, particularly Instagram, and you need some design advice, we would love to hear from you at Verb. The design team and I will work with you on the aesthetic of your social media branding, taking into consideration your individual story and any brand guidelines or direction you have already pinned down as a company. As a team, we will produce a selection of strongly curated brand led concepts for you that will help develop both your brand and your social media reach. We combine our creative with the social media team to create beautiful and effective campaigns to raise brand awareness, increase sales and generate discussions on all social media platforms. If you’d like to discuss designing and running a social campaign with us, do get in touch.

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