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Unlocking the Power of Content Repurposing: A Guide to Getting More Mileage Out of Your Content

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Content repurposing involves transforming your existing content into various media formats to suit different platforms but most importantly, to suit different audiences. With search and social channels such as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram intertwining as search engines – utilising and leveraging content should be a key consideration for luxury and premium brands to stay at the forefront of your audience’s visibility. 

Why is repurposing content important? 

Repurposing content is key to understanding how your audiences are absorbing content – and scalability is one of the most significant benefits of content repurposing in terms of adapting to this on scale. 

When your organic content is limited to a single medium (such as a written article), you’re catering only to an audience favouring Google searches and (likely) text. However, when you transform that content into a video featuring a speaker, optimise it with keywords and capture searches that your audience are using in relation to your content, you’re broadening the reach and show understanding of your consumers. This expansion broadens your potential reach, effectively scaling your content’s impact – so if you’re a legacy brand with a traditional, minimal content – consider where your audiences are and how they’re interacting with brands digitally. 

What are the key benefits of repurposed content?

  • Expand User Reach

One of the pivotal advantages of repurposing content for alternative platforms is the broadening of one’s user base and accommodating for different preferences in media consumption. This will enable you to engage with new audiences that might have been challenging to reach previously – in the luxury market in particular it’s key to make sure you’re collecting data and demographics in your target audiences that can feed into bigger strategies. 

  • Improve Content Frequency

Adapting your content for various platforms enables more improved frequency over time. More frequent scheduling of content proves advantageous in sustaining brand presence across multiple platforms and mitigating the risk of audience fatigue of your content with different variations based on your audiences and channels.  

  • Boost Organic Presence

Possessing a diverse range of content types centred on a specific topic and keywords places you in a strong position to enhance your presence in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). For instance, if you are targeting a keyword with organic listings, videos, and social snippets appearing on the results page, then incorporating a video and optimised social posts around the same keyword set significantly increases the likelihood of occupying more real estate on the results page.

  • Redeem Underperforming Content 

Reviving underperforming content on your site through repurposing can breathe new life into it. There are various factors that may have contributed to its initial lack of traction. This could range from the competitiveness of the space, with numerous competitors vying for attention, to the possibility that there simply isn’t a demand for that specific platform and that the demand lies elsewhere.

  • Save Time 

In the process of generating various content types, you’ll find that you’re not only diversifying your output but also significantly economising your time. This is because you won’t have to start each piece from square one. Functions such as research and ideation will be streamlined, resulting in a notable reduction in the hours expended on these tasks. This allows for a more efficient and productive content creation process overall.

How should I approach repurposing my content?

Repurposing content may initially appear as a formidable amount of work, particularly for those tasked with generating a large volume of content for the audience. However – repurposing is about utilising content you ALREADY have… and the following insights offer valuable guidance to enhance the effectiveness of your content repurposing strategy.

Focus on tactical evergreen content

When determining which topic ideas to promote to a broader audience, careful consideration should be given to those with long-term demand. Integrating evergreen subjects into your content strategy becomes imperative, guaranteeing that your repurposed content sustains engagement over a longer period. Conducting an audit of your existing content serves as a foundational step. Pay close attention to URLs that consistently generate clicks and impression share, alongside maintaining robust keyword visibility and consider seasonal trends alongside searches. 

Align your content calendar

Efficient planning is crucial for maximising the reach of your repurposed content and should be created alongside key moments for your brand and audiences. Given that content creation and repurposing processes can extend significantly, it is key to synchronise calendars with both the organic social and creative teams to make sure you’re getting the most from your content. 

Is there a key moment upcoming in your social calendar that can tie in with more long-form content to drive users towards your site? Can a long-form video be broken down into snippets targeted towards long-tail keywords? Successful content strategies consider all forms of channels organically, and utilising what you have throughout the calendar means double the visibility and cohesion! 

Content repurposing is an agile strategy with the capacity to revolutionise your existing content marketing approach, enhancing the synergy between Organic Search and social media efforts. Transforming your current material into your format not only extends your reach, and caters to diverse audiences, but also saves you and your team time on specific tasks such as research and ideation planning.

Aligning calendars is imperative for maintaining a fluid continuum between the original editorial and its repurposed derivatives. It is essential to remain diligent in ongoing research, tracking the specific types of content that resonate most with users.

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