Top 5 Digital Luxury Campaigns

As we are a luxury digital marketing agency, we decided to take a look at the top 5 most innovative luxury digital campaigns. With every brand waking up to the importance of digital marketing, as a luxury brand it is important to stand out. Read on to discover which brands have caught our eye this year. 

Hermès – “Play It Like Hermès”

This campaign is an iconic example of a luxury brand displaying its more playful side. Hermès is traditionally known for their Birkin bag, however, this shoot truly shows off their eccentric and untraditional ideas.

Gucci – “Hallucination”

For their Spring 2018 campaign, Gucci partnered with Spanish artist, Ignasi Monreal, to create a parallel reality – Gucci style. See the video here.

The eye-catching campaign incorporated in-store AR and VR installations, giving the consumer an entire experience into the art of Gucci.

Balenciaga – “No Cameras Please!”

Resembling a popular Yeezy campaign, Balenciaga played on paparazzi-themed imagery to display their S18 collection. The campaign focused on ‘papping’ models attempting to hide from photographers with their Balmain accessories and clothing; logos clearly on display! This type of imagery echoes the instagram posts of top models.

All images were photographed by real French paparazzi and credited to the French Wire.

Balmain – “Virtual Army”

One of the most innovative campaigns we’ve come across is one by the luxury French fashion house, Balmain. They launched an exciting campaign whereby the models are in fact an artistic CGI representation. It features three custom-designed digital models named Margot, Shudu and Zhi. Each is wearing tailored styles created by software company CLO Virtual fashion.

Burberry – “Heritage Trench”

Not only have Burberry launched their new logo this year but they have also introduced some eye-catching video content on their website homepage. The main video focuses on their Castleford factory and the production journey of their iconic trench coat. It highlights the care and artistry which goes into their pieces.The silhouette of the models, paired in embrace is also elegant and different.

Luxury fashion is evolving and digital is a key element of it. The key players in the industry demonstrate today how embracing technology they are able to showcase the best they can offer, achieving the perfect omni-channel strategy.

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