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We design, develop and build some of the highest performing and aesthetically pleasing websites in the world.

Design & UX

With design, the team at Verb use heat mapping, tracking software and data focused analytics tools to determine where the core opportunities are on the website, where the major drop offs take place and from there create sitemaps, wireframes and core user journeys that will funnel customers through the relevant purchasing channels. Once the UX is completed, we focus on the brand and creative, designing the pages within pre-established brand guidelines to ensure that we have the perfect blend between UX and aesthetic for our luxury clients. Understanding the brand and the creative vision is critical to our work at Verb and the beginning of our process is focused on workshops with the key design stakeholders in the business, where we aim to fully grasp the creative story and purpose of the brand before we beginning.

Development & Integrations

Verb has the in-house ability to build and develop eCommerce and brand websites from conception all the way through to launch along with the expertise and experience to integrate with any software the business requires. Verb is one of few agencies in the UK with the in-house knowledge to directly integrate websites to booking systems such as SevenRooms and Welcome as well as POS systems such as Vend. Verb has the technical know how to not only work within any pre-established and workable APIs but also with the ability to directly build the bridge between the two systems.

Operational & Backend Layout

The consumer-facing front end is always a priority, however, the ease with which the website is used operationally is critical as well. We work closely with the in-house team, interviewing the relevant personnel, understanding operationally how workflows are put together and processes are carried out and then we seek to create a bespoke backend system dedicated to making the operational side of the business easier and quicker to use.


Verb’s in-house SEO team works alongside the web design and build team throughout the project, from an initial sitemap, choosing the keywords, the wireframe stage, all the way through to the website launch. One of the biggest dangers to a website’s organic traffic is in the first few days post launch of a new platform and having SEO experts ensure that everything is conducted smoothly and to ensure that the website is primed for any additional marketing.

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