Search Engine Optimisation for luxury brands is different to any other market. Verb has an intrinsic understanding of rankings and how to improve SEO performance without impacting the brand aesthetics or ethos.

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Verb’s in-house SEO team works alongside the web design and build team throughout the project, from an initial sitemap, choosing the keywords, the wireframe stage, all the way through to the website launch. One of the biggest dangers to a website’s organic traffic is in the first few days post launch of a new platform and having SEO experts ensure that everything is conducted smoothly and to ensure that the website is primed for any additional marketing.

Organic traffic is consistently the highest converting and largest revenue stream for our luxury and premium brands. Utilising the latest and most effective SEO techniques across technical, content, campaigns, local SEO and outreach. We implement a long-term strategy based upon the perfect blend of long and short tail keywords geared towards delivering significant and tangible ROI results on a local, national and international scale.

Content & Campaigns

We run full content lifecycles for our clients. Through careful research and data analytics we create the ideal content titles and campaign pieces to ensure that search engines are indexing them in the way that we want, whilst at the same time ensuring maximum engagement and readability for the customer. The titles are based around a carefully selected list of core keywords and ultimately help drive the brands organic traffic overtime.


The major search engines such as Google change their search algorithms on average 500-600 times a year, and so it is crucial that your website is constantly being optimised from a technical point of view to ensure that it is not being penalised or marked down for any reason. Our technical SEO team work alongside Verb’s full in-house development team, which provides an effective blend of strong development knowledge and commercial SEO skills. We ensure that the website is constantly in the best possible health that it can be and, as a Google Accredited Partner, we are able to keep up with everything.

Backlinks & Outreach

Backlinks and outreach is a crucial part of any SEO strategy and we focus on giving our clients the ability to tap into additional traffic streams whilst driving up their domain authority. Verb manages the entire process in minute detail, from the initial approach and negotiation through to the off site meta descriptions and anchor text content and we work closely with our in-house influencer marketing team to ensure we are putting our clients in touch with the best possible collaborations who suit the brand best.

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