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The leading programmatic hub for the world’s premium & luxury brands to help deliver quality messaging, to the right audience, against their favourite content.

What we do
Our Approach

We run end-to-end programmatic buying from a team of certified experts using market-leading technology. We leverage 1st party, user-consented publisher data to hyper-target relevant users and buy across verified publishers via premium private marketplaces, ensuring brand-safe content buying. 


We activate cross-format campaigns across verified publishers, using media science techniques to understand it’s value as part of a full digital funnel.

Targeting High-Networth-Individuals (HNWI)

HNWI’s make up just 1% of the world’s population, so finding these consumers can be difficult. We deep-dive into the numbers to help you pull out insights on HNWI’s and how to interact with them digitally. We segment and profile these users, then leverage our VERB premium publisher marketplace to target these users at scale.

Platforms we buy across

Programmatic technology allows us to streamline our media buying from one central platform. Leveraging the industry’s best programmatic technology, our media hub (Luxury IQ) buys campaigns across an array of formats including Display, Native, Rich Media, Video, Audio, Digital Out of Home, and Connected TV.

Measuring success

The true benefit of using digital channels is the ability to track the success of your campaigns and leverage our tools to measure their success against your other channels. We can help you with projects from Auditing, Ad Server, and Analytics Platform Tagging, Attribution & Reporting. We exist to help you understand the true value of your digital channels.


At the heart of measurement, we focus on performance and commercial results. We understand this is different for each brand, and work with you to tailor measurement accordingly.


Every brand is unique, and each differs in how they use technology. At VERB, we manage digital transformation projects for the world’s leading luxury brands. We work with a range of clients; from those starting their journey into Programmatic to those who are using it as a core strategy to buy their media. 


Whether it’s auditing your existing set-ups, understanding your ad-server/analytics account or analysing your agency and channel ecosystem – our team can help you understand the true value of your media. We won’t hold you to a retainer, quoting on a project-by-project basis to give you the flexibility to use our help, when it’s useful. 


Whether it’s helping stakeholders understand programmatic, developing your understanding of attribution, understanding the many formats that can be bought, or helping you to in-house your programmatic team, our programmatic experts can help. 


Professionally-accredited trainers, with a number of years experience within the industry, our trainers will help you understand the full potential of programmatic, for your brand. This can cover:

  • Programmatic for Luxury brands
  • DSP Training 
  • Ad-server and tagging training
  • Attribution for programmatic training
  • Programmatic strategy and cross-format buying

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