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Verb specialises in bringing digital PR to premium brands through targeted content that reaches the aspirational consumer.

What We Do

What is Digital PR? 

Digital PR is the practice of creating campaigns that drive earned media across digital platforms. The goal is to create moments that drive talkability amongst the media, to ultimately capture the attention of the consumer. digital PR is backed by digital strategy: we blend SEO (Search engine optimisation) tactics to make sure your brand is benefitting from the media we generate.

Taking the best parts of PR, we blend them with SEO to boost your online presence, brand awareness and brand trust, all whilst engaging potential customers with original and targeted content and campaigns. 

We use digital PR as a tactic to help your brand stand out against competitors in the press and position you as a voice of authority, getting people talking about your brand and keeping it at the forefront of their minds. 

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The Digital PR services we offer 

  • Unique creative and data content campaigns
  • Reactive, newsjacking & product PR 
  • Managing and monitoring journalist requests for brands
  • Creative assets for cross channel integration, e.g landing pages, infographics, full production video/photography
  • Media outreach, consultation and execution
  • Media and brand sentiment analysis
  • Backlink analysis

How do we approach Digital PR?

Our work is grounded in Data, Creative and Media. We start a project getting under the skin of the brand but also the consumer to understand motivations and emotive audience triggers. As an agency for premium and luxury brands, we have ample data and a deep understanding of the affluent and HNW consumers. 

We start by ideating content themes that aim to invoke intrigue and emotion from the affluent and HNW consumers. We then pair this with data (past and present) to ensure content is hyper-relevant for your target audience, designed to work across multiple niches with different outreach angles, providing maximum coverage and ROI. 

We generate ideas using search trends data and validate them in media relevancy. Using SEO objectives combined with creativity, emotion and science to tap into new markets.

From here we build campaigns and content to ensure media cut through with different outreach angles, achieving maximum coverage.

How does Digital PR work with other marketing channels?

Digital PR delivers a unique return on investment and adds measurable value to your existing digital portfolio. It does this through creating content that can be blended across earned, owned and paid channels. 

Through blending your SEO objectives with creativity, emotion and science, we generate original concepts that tap into a market gap giving a new opportunity for luxury brands. Thus, strengthening your digital presence to boost your brand awareness, SEO rankings and conversion. 

We start by analysing what publications want and what they are currently talking about, as well as target market interests, emotion and angle depths to generate digital PR ideas that can then be integrated across owned, earned and paid channels; digital PR adds value to the whole digital portfolio

What is the difference between Digital PR and Traditional PR?

The two go hand in hand! Differently from traditional PR, digital PR also accounts for the value of online print and the SEO benefits this drives. With the growth of online marketing, to remain competitive, it makes sense to focus efforts on digital PR as well as traditional. We can work synergistically with existing PR teams, forming an extension of your team to help provide links and coverage in untapped niches. We’ll provide insight into how PR campaigns can be optimised to build awareness and SEO rankings online. 

We understand where and when content will work online, crafting stories that will work with multiple angles. This successfully targets many publications that have different readerships to give brands maximum exposure.

How do we measure the success of Digital PR?

Digital PR offers clear and tangible points of measurement to track ROI measure success. 

We measure: 

  • Links & Coverage 
  • Quality of links (DA)
  • Follow vs no follow 
  • Web traffic and referrals from content
  • Social shares 
  • Social engagement 
  • Journalist feedback (if applicable) 
  • Value of placement

We provide both short (monthly) and long term (quarterly & yearly) reports. Both of these reports will show immediate campaign results as well as track results over time to show a measurable change in brand awareness – something that is notoriously hard to track.

Why choose VERB for Digital PR?

VERB is an award-winning creative and performance marketing agency that specialises in reaching and engaging affluent audiences. We truly understand the relationship between elevating the brand whilst driving hard commercial results. Since the start, our goal has been to help the luxury market innovate digitally. 

The attention of your customer is becoming increasingly shorter and more divided, brands are looking for innovative and creative ways to build market share and hold the attention of the buyer; digital PR is a great way to do that. 

We have a finger on the pulse of affluent consumer trends, and have extensive experience working with luxury and premium brands, meaning we are best positioned to be able to take your premium brand to the next level.

We have cultivated valuable connections with media that cater to the affluent consumer market, across sectors. As such we have extensive knowledge of the digital PR landscape allowing us to produce content that we know will land with the target titles. 

Through tying together multiple channels with optimised content, digital PR gives you ROI and adds depth to your digital estate.   

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