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Bringing a gallery of students work to life for Tod’s and its The Legacy Project.

Tod’s collaborated with Central Saint Martins to embark on The Legacy Project. 35 young designers were mentored by 26 fashion industry professionals to bring a real world point of view to The Legacy Project brief: To create and craft products inspired by the students unique heritage and backgrounds. The plan was to host the students work at a gallery in London during London Fashion week, but with a second pandemic lockdown announced in the UK in January 2021, the London Fashion Week gallery expose had to be replicated online. The digital experience had to be creative and truly showcase the depth of the students work.

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With the volatility of the pandemic and with various lockdowns unconfirmed, the decision to make The Legacy Project a virtual showcase was relatively close to the launch. We had a tight turnaround of 8 weeks, from start to finish, to get the project live. We worked with a partner agency Cult to create an engaging experience to really grasp the inspiration, designs and craftsmanship of the students work. With our agile team and our experience as a luxury fashion digital marketing agency, we helped transform the project into an engaging virtual gallery via a microsite. 


VERB delivered a completely bespoke microsite for Tod’s that remained true to the core of the renowned brand identity. We infused creativity into each of the pages with various designs and blocks of content, to make sure each student’s story was carried through in a seamless way. 

In order to deliver the project effectively we built the website using custom code, as opposed to back by a CMS (content management system) platform (EG WordPress). Each student’s work was accompanied with a curated story and video to provide a full immersive experience. The microsite allows for discovery encouraging users to navigate through the students work in their own time.

It was an inspiring project centred around incredibly talented students whom we look forward to seeing rise amongst the Luxury Fashion houses in the near future!

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