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Verb helped Mustique to reposition themselves online as the aspirational brand that everyone knows it to be.

Mustique is a private island in the Caribbean archipelago known for the island’s gentle climate and natural beauty of dramatic hilltops and white sand beaches. Drawn by the unique sense of island life, Mustique offers its visitors to enjoy the exclusive luxury villas and hospitality on this exclusive private island.

One of the main objectives was to develop a strategy and online experience that would increase occupancy and revenue through a well thought through UX journey that would guide users to interact with the content before pushing them to confirm their stay.

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The goal was to reposition Mustique as the aspirational brand that everyone knows it to be. To take the island life and all it stands for and to position it online as the pinnacle of luxury hospitality to highlight just how unique the island is. The new website is looking to capture that in such a way that it would inspire new users to visit and entice old guests to return.


Through an extensive analysis of their online user behaviour, Verb consulted and created a new website that allowed a smoother customer journey that would showcase everything that the island had to offer. In addition to that, the responsive website design allowed for all its mobile users to enjoy a better experience from whichever device they would be visiting the website.

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