Clive Christian, one of the most luxurious heritage perfume houses worldwide, approached Verb Brands to become the official digital partner for the brand’s SEO and Performance Marketing Activities.

Clive Christian use only the finest ingredients to create a world of hypnotic scents. Known as the world’s leading independent perfume house, it combines pioneering technology, passion, expertise and talent. The company has a regal British heritage, as shown by the use of the solid crystal crown atop every bottle. The iconic crown image symbolises Clive Christian’s exclusivity, regal feel and British pride, embellishing each hypnotic perfume scent with a touch of magnificence.

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  • SEO
  • PPC
  • UX
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

Verb Brands was asked to aid in the positioning of Clive Christian’s brand towards a greater sense quality and luxury for its consumers. The aim was to increase the conversion rate of sales through their website whilst also inspiring users to engage with it and subscribe to their mailing list. The key challenge was to increase the level of relevant traffic coming to their website through organic SEO, PPC, Social Media and referrals sources.


The digital marketing team at Verb conducted a series of technical SEO improvements that lead to a better quality of traffic going through the site. Part of the strategy also includes having an outreach an backlinks strategy to improve their site’s reputation and authority. This is the result of an extensive content campaign for the Clive Christian brand.

+ 200%
Increase in revenue YOY
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