Verb designed a strategy that encouraged users to stay on each page of the site for longer and to complete the customer journey.

The objective was to improve lifestyle retailer Bamford’s conversion rate on its website and to increase mobile traffic. 

First, Verb Brands looked at the website’s analytics and determined that Bamford experiences a drop in mobile traffic, especially on devices that were not iPhones or iPads. After that, Verb looked at the key ‘problem’ pages, the ones that experienced very high bounce rates and were keeping the user from advancing on their customer journey.

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  • UX & CRO
  • Web Design & Development
  • Responsive Design

Among the strategies Verb followed was adding a z-pattern design to the homepage, which allowed users to more quickly and easily browse the brand’s products. It also added a clear category list to the shopping page and added further copy and information aimed at encouraging the user to convert, such as delivery information or additional offers.

Verb also added clear calls to action across different pages to help increase Bamford’s touchpoints with its users. It was important that Verb Brands achieved this without compromising Bamford’s luxury aesthetic, so that it would continue to attract the right target audience and reflect its premium brand identity.

+ 35.48%
Increase in Conversion Rate
+ 66.22%
Increase in Online Transactions
+ 24.05%
Increase in Average Order Value
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