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ALEXACHUNG was born in London, the brainchild of Alexa Chung. Combining Parisian chic with a New York edge, as well as the very British sense of humour, it is inspired by everything from Jane Birkin’s insouciance to David Hockney’s stripy sweater. The result is a carefully considered, alluring combination of prim, racy and rock ‘n’ roll, where frivolous party pieces interact with grown-up tailoring and classic silhouettes.

The brief was to grow the brand and drive revenue, starting with our SEO team to technically save the website and help to consolidate core brand terms after a problematic site launch, and boost brand discoveries via organic search. PPC and Paid Social were introduced to help to expand the brands prospecting nationally, establish the brand international and ultimately drive revenue.

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  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Paid Social

The search landscape around “alexa chung” is very noisy with news and social media coverage of Alexa herself in the press, often disrupting the results pages where most opportunity exists for organic brand discovery. Competing fansites, previous fashion lines with competing fashion outlets, further complicated launch.

Further to this, after what was a problematic website launch for the business, there was a complete code freeze which meant that changes to the code were impossible and the ability to implement much of our technical SEO work nearly impossible.

From a paid marketing point of view; brand awareness for Alexachung fashion collection is low and users searching for ‘Alexa Chung’ may just be interested in news around the Alexa rather than the clothing range and so conversion numbers were low.


From an SEO point of view, we implemented a combination of offsite activity that was designed to quickly boost the authenticity and authority of the new site in Google’s eyes. Due to the code freeze we started to experiment with injecting technical SEO fixes into the site via Google Tag Manager and were able to resolve crippling technical issues present at the launch of the website.

Quickly after launch the combined efforts of additional content, technical fixes and outreach visibility quickly started to increase for the brand across the core search terms and brand discoverability was maximised despite technical limitations.

After the launch of the brand and the initial work with SEO and PPC, we were able to determine where the majority of customers were purchasing from and where internationally we had a base of fans already that could be tapped into. We put forward a plan to launch international campaigns through Geo Targeted specific ads and off the back of our success have just suggested a huge Geo Expansion and Keyword Expansion piece.

+ 73%
Increase in Revenue
+ 42%
Overall Revenue Generated Coming from New Campaigns

From an SEO standpoint, over the 90-day period after launch, visibility quickly improved as technical onsite changes were discovered by Google. Rank performance for “alexa chung” improved and is now reliably the highest-ranked organic result: the results page is now less volatile with news dominating the feed less often after we moved to become the most authoritative domain in the results for the term. “alexa chung” is now a primary discovery term for brand discovery, now reliably ranking in position #1.

After the success of both our SEO and PPC teams, Alexa Chung has asked us to take over their paid social advertising. We have thus far deployed a very iterative approach, focusing on converting those who know the brand while prospecting for interest in destinations we are aware we have an organic following. Over the first 90 days, we are seeing a return of 6:1

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