Three Video Creation Tools to Help your Social Content Stand Out

Facebook videos on average have 8 billion views a day, interestingly, 85% of those viewers watch the videos without sound. It is due to this statistic that it is considered even more important to create engaging, unique, visual content if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. Consequentially, this makes finding the right video creation tool of the utmost importance. Our designers at Verb have suggested 3 excellent tools that are simple and easy to use to get you started.

Biteable – “Make videos that turn heads.”

Biteable is perfect for those starting out with video creation due to its simplicity, however, it can also help add a much-needed flair to any vloggers or more experience marketeers content too.

Biteable offers its users a variety (up to a hundred) templates and styles for animated scenes, live action and photos – though if you do prefer to use your own designs, it is very simple to just add your own content including photos, sound, colours and text.

Price: Users have an option of a free plan, which is great as you can test their service out first. If you enjoy this video creation tool, you have the option to upgrade to have full access, for $99 (approx. £75) each year.

Legend – “Words move people. Legends move words.”

Legend is a video creator focusing solely text animation. It enables you to ensure your message is conveyed in an eye catching way – after all, as we discussed earlier, most users don’t use sound on Facebook videos.

It’s useful to note that Legend is only available for iOS and Android devices but it does actually allows you to upload your video or GIF directly to Instagram. If you prefer to use other social networks, you can save and upload it to platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
Other key factors to note include the capping on video length. Videos created in Legend can only be a maximum of 6 seconds long, if you who make lengthy videos then this is possibly not the platform for you. Nonetheless, it is great for grabbing attention on social media of which the videos are relatively short anyway.

Price: Legend is very reasonably priced with a one-off payment of $1.99 (approx. £1.52).

Genially – “What about you… Do you bore or communicate?”

Genially is arguably one of the most versatile video creator tools of the moment. An advantageous for social media managers, you can do far more than making videos.

Options include:

  • Presentations
  • Video presentations
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes
  • ePosters
  • CVs
  • Dossiers

Genially is an adaptable video creation tool and it is sure to improve the aesthetic and functionality of your videos for your viewers. It offers professional results that guarantee attention on social media.

Price: Genially is relatively inexpensive, especially when you consider all of the available features. The price ranges each month, starting from €7.49 – €79.15 (approx. £6.60 – £69.80).

At Verb, we help clients drive successful digital strategies where interactive videos are a key element of it. If you would like to receive advice on your video marketing strategy, please get in touch.

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