How to make Your Luxury Product to stand out on Google Shopping

Understandably a common goal amongst e-tailers is to stand out within the ‘Shopping’ function in Google search. Your ranking is important because if you have a high ranking on Google Shopping then your product advertisement is displayed more prominently to your potential customers.The difficulty of this lies in the sheer amount of competition for any given product, especially in retail. Mass-produced, lower-value products are especially likely to face extreme competition while higher-value, personalised products can stand out.

One of the main considerations to be aware of is that well-established brands will have the advantage to be ranked highly due to her presence online. If you are new to the marketplace, it may be more difficult to get yourself to the top of the available options. As well as Google’s ranking, the product price, product quality, and the features of the product will all play a huge role in your visibility on Google Shopping.

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How to improve your position on Google Shopping
1.Use promotions to encourage sales

Lower prices, discounts, free shipping, all of this can help to attract customers, although these sort of promotions are more relevant to high-street retailers than to luxury brands. Promotions can still be advertised in terms of limited editions in this case, competing instead on the uniqueness and inherent value of your product.

2.Use offers to get sales

Special offers such as personalised products or exclusive collections available to luxury consumers is a much bigger pull that simply lowering prices. This is due to price being very attached to the perception of quality and therefore, lowering it would mean devaluing of the brand.

3.Updating product details

Keeping the product details of each item up to date means that customers can find exactly what they are looking for without errors or misdirection. These updates are key for the ranking of your products in Google Shopping.

4.Comparison with other products

Luxury brands have a different relationship with product comparisons than brands considered to be targeting at mass-market. Dedicated customers will not necessarily be searching for the best deal but, instead, they will be focused on comparing details that matter to them such as quality or an excellent customer service.

5.Use of negative keywords

Negative keywords are helpful in Google Shopping because they discourage those who may be searching for something that is unrelated to your product but may share some key words. They also help vendors to ensure that those who do find their product are targeted and interested.

6.How to set up a campaign through brand for Google Shopping
  1. Select campaign name
  2. Select the location where ads will be displayed
  3. Decide your bid strategy and budget according to bid
  4. Make the ad group and create your ad
  5. Insert keywords and decide on negative keywords
  6. Decide maximum cost-per-click
  7. Check and review
  8. Include billing information.

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