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How to Make the Most of Your Commute

As marketers, it is important to stay ahead of the curve, however, it can often be hard to find time around a busy schedule to sit and work on your own personal development.

At Verb we have been working on career progression and personal development plans for the whole team. In addition to this, we run our very own innovation sessions in which we discuss inspirational ways to improve and strengthen our own personal development. The better individuals we become, the better team players we are.

During one of the innovations sessions, we concluded that valuable learning time can be salvaged from your commute. Marketing Week has a wealth of inspiration for ways to make the most of your commute, from meditation to job hunting. Although this can be a great way to spend your time, we believe it’s possible to optimise your time further to help you reach your career goals.

It has been proven that many of us often let our work-life balance slip, with studies showing that it can actually have a severe impact on not only our mental wellbeing but your personal growth. Achieving the equilibrium is hard but not impossible.

We have a few ideas for the marketers among us to help you on your way.


Podcasts have grown in popularity over recent years and thus the demand has encouraged many brands, journalists and influencers to create podcasts on virtually any topic. According to Ofcom, the number of weekly podcast listeners has almost doubled in five years, from 3.2 million in 2013 to 5.9 million in 2018. We believe the core reason for this is the ease at which podcasts can be accessed. The vast majority of us are skipping from one tube to another, on and off public transport in the morning so listening to a podcast is almost effortless.

There are so many great business podcasts to draw inspiration from. Popular include:

Whether you want in-depth information direct from a branding specialist, or you want to learn ways to relax and be more mindful throughout your day, there are numerous podcasts that encourage your personal growth.

2. Documentaries

For those who are visual-spatial learners, documentaries are a fantastic way of optimising your commute. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day and many platforms now allow you to download your video whilst on wifi so that can watch your favourite shows even when you’re on the underground. One of our favourite documentaries of the year so far has been  ‘The American Meme’  and ‘Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened’ by Netflix. BBC Iplayer also offers some informative documentaries; we particularly liked ‘Brexit: Who’s in Charge’ by Panorama.

In addition to this, catching up on key influencers online (particularly on youtube) can also prove beneficial for professionals and brands in the luxury industry. Making yourself familiar with who is working with who and the audience that each attracts is useful to know as it may impact some of the decisions you make in your own job.

3. News

It’s never a bad thing to be up to date with the general news. Marketers are constantly analysing the micro and macro environment. Use your commute to flick through the headlines and familiarise yourself with industry-specific news. Be well informed and you will avoid being caught out in your day job.

A few platforms we like to check in on during our commute include:

4. Wellbeing

Looking after your own wellbeing is incredibly important. It is within your own interest and your companies to prioritise both your physical and mental health. Verb actually give each employee an annual budget of £500 to spend on their own wellbeing, whether it be audible or the gym, we recognise its importance in everyone’s lives.

There are some great apps which promote wellbeing and can easily be incorporated into your commute. Some popular ones include Calm and Headspace. With just one of their 10 minute sessions, you can seriously improve your outlook for the day.

There are also some brilliant books available that focus on health and wellbeing. Picking up ‘Jog on’ or ‘Happy’ could seriously brighten your day, thus making you more productive.

5. Blog

If you prefer reading blogs, then Medium is a great option for you. Think of Medium like Twitter, but for long-form content; It’s a place where everybody can have their say. Founder of Verb, Chris Donnelly, even has his own medium whereby he openly discusses the latest tech trends in luxury such as Voice Assistance.

Medium offers up the opportunity to absorb different opinions and perspectives on topics from life lessons and business to entrepreneurship. In addition to this, a service like Feedly allows you to subscribe to blogs you are interested in, is another way to consume blog content from a single, easy interface.

Download the apps on your phone and try reading blog content on your next commute.

Verb believe it’s important to focus on your own personal growth and development daily. Through focusing on your own self-improvement, it can have a wider positive impact on the company. We believe that using our commuting time effectively can make us all better marketers.

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