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As an agency that prides itself in offering a bespoke PPC service for our clients, we know just how essential it is for business owners to be aware of any updates, tweaks or alterations to Google AdWords.

Over the years, we have witnessed many small changes since the launch of Google AdWords, from the length in description lines to the larger ads which are expected to have an increased click through rate (CTR). Those familiar with using Google AdWords as part of their marketing strategy will understand just how effective Google AdWords can be when used effectively. Staying up to date ensures you can utilise the features and benefit from the changes.

What changes will happen to your ad campaign?

This recent expansion can assist you in differentiating yourself from your main competitors. The new increase means that your adverts will now be twice as large. You can now use up to 300 characters compared to the previous 170 characters. In addition to this, you now have the opportunity to have three headlines (30 characters), instead of two, as well as the option to add a second description on your ad.

How will your Expanded Ad look?

The key upgrades to the text and the format of your ads include more prominent headlines, longer description line and relevant display URL. Overall, your text allowance will increase by 47%, which is a huge benefit for those paid adverts. Content is key when attracting the attention of your target market, and you will have far more flexibility to write compelling, engaging ad content.

Will the Expanded Text Ads perform better?

Google identified that the larger ads were receiving 15% more CTR in comparison to the ad formats, similar to previous findings from when they first launched the ETAs in 2016. The primary reason for the expansion is to maximise the presence of the ads to provide consumers with more information about your service and products. Other factors include the ability to give new ETAs will give its users a unified experience across all devices, in particular mobiles. If you have e-commerce business, the increase in text allowance on your ad can be used to your advantage, especially with the option of the third headline and the second description. You can now include shipping details or any promotional offers to improve the chances of customers clicking on your advert.

If you manage your own AdWords campaign, it is important for you to be mindful of how you can implement these new changes to your advantage. However, before you pause your existing ads, it is recommended that you test out a new larger ad against your existing ones. By doing an A/B test, you will be able to monitor the success and performance of your ads. Then, if you do see an improves performance, you can replace, tweak or upgrade your standard ads with the improved ETAs.