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Why Creative is so important for Organic Social

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Exploring the importance of compelling creative across social media  

Social media platforms are a crowded space for brands. Instagram alone generates 95 million posts per day so how do you make sure your brand is cutting through the noise? Creative.  

If you think about your Instagram feed, how many posts do you scroll past each day? Even each session? We’d guess it to be the majority. What is it that stops you in your tracks when scrolling? It’s the content. If your content isn’t unique or meaningful, it won’t get much attention or hold much value.

Creative and social therefore go hand-in-hand; it’s the content you post that helps you connect with your audience and what ultimately determines your social media success.  

Campaign Execution

When you think about creativity on social media, you may immediately think of large-scale campaign moments. Whether a campaign is curated in order to promote a new product, launch a service or partnership, or even showcase a complete rebrand, without creativity, you simply wouldn’t have a campaign

For example take a look at Burberry’s #AreYouHappy TikTok campaign. Burberry could have curated a series of simple ‘model styled’ social clips showcasing the iconic Burberry trench coat in action (teamed with a dynamic edit), however this has been done many times before and doesn’t necessarily stand out from the crowd. 

Equipped with the insight that consumers are wanting more emotive storytelling and human connections, the luxury fashion house partnered with the Creator account @areyouhappy, and spoke to real people outside their flagship store about the complex topic of ‘being happy’, whilst at the same time showcasing the key Burberry clothing pieces. 

With this strong insight-driven creative, Burberry formed a much deeper connection with their audience and potentially elevated their TikTok following from the collaborative element of this introspective campaign. 

Always-On Content 

You can connect with your social audience as regularly as you want, through your organic social channels. The key to that connection? You guessed it, creative

Working with your creative team on your always-on organic social media can keep your content fresh and exciting for your followers which will encourage brand loyalty and keep your consumers coming back for more.

Strategy & Insight

It goes without saying that good creative is often informed from insight, and well thought out consumer moments. 

As part of a brands’ organic social media strategy, at VERB, we work closely with our creative team and strategists to inform every element from how your brand should highlight their values, to curating photography briefs, tone of voice frameworks, brand pillar production and responses to community comments. 

It’s clear that a brands’ social media presence can suffer without unique and impressive creative. Creative is imperative to organic social media from informing your content strategy and supporting narrative, campaigns launches and interactivity with your community. 

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