4 Quick Tips For Writing Beautiful PPC Ad Copy

Luxury brands are fundamentally all about quality in all aspects of the brand. Whether it be the products, the packaging, the UX or even the ads, this high quality experience should start from a customer’s very first encounter with a brand, in many cases with a PPC ad.

With this in mind, here are four actionable tips for writing beautiful ad copy to promote your goods inline with your brand.

1. Use Existing Brand Awareness To Your Advantage

PPC ad copy must be kept concise due to the character limit. Therefore, keep it simple and make it powerful. One of the great advantages of writing ad copy for luxury brands is there is often existing brand awareness.

This is a bonus because headline space doesn’t need to be wasted explaining the brand and what is being sold. Focus on building a sense of engagement and emphasising the desirability of your brand.

2. Promote Your USP

It’s essential that brands can stand out amongst the plethora of PPC ads we see on a daily basis. Ad copy should clearly distinguish what makes a specific brand different to its competitors or resellers.

This could be as simple as mentioning ‘Official Site’ or having a registered trademark in the copy. Perhaps products are handmade in the UK, or the brand was established 100 years ago. These USP’s, no matter how small or significant, could help to increase conversions.

Here, we see an example from a client of Verb, Hudson Shoes. In this ad, we have implemented their registered trademark into the headline, making it clear the ad will go through to the official brand website:

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 15.58.39

3. Let Your Call To Action Reflect Your Brand

In order to persuade the customer to convert, ad copy must contain a call to action. The call to action for luxury brands should be compelling, yet be worded with a certain level of sophistication as to not damage the brand. Phrases like ‘buy now’ and ‘save today’ should be avoided for high end products as these will not give off the right message.

Here, we see an example from Maybourne Hotel Group and their prestigious Claridge’s Hotel, a client of Verb Brands:

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 15.27.33

The wording of this ad compliments the brand and feels extremely high end. There are two main calls to action in this ad: ‘Book Your Luxury Stay At Claridge’s Today’ and ‘Inspired By The Elegance Of Mayfair Book Your Luxury Suite Today!’ which make the user want to click through and book, without coming across as too salesy.

4. Punctuate Appropriately

This may be stating the obvious, however correcting poorly worded or punctuated copy is one of the simplest fixes to improving the appearance of your ads. A spelling mistake or grammatical error can be extremely damaging to a luxury brand and will likely prevent users from clicking on the ad. Title case should be used throughout and punctuation can help to elongate the copy by adding more than one call to action. Google’s Editorial Guide advises on best practice with regards to ad copy content.

If you’d like one of experts to conduct an audit on your ad-copy in order to ensure it is not damaging your luxury brand, get in touch.

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