Top 10 Luxury Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow

The luxury travel space on Instagram is huge. It’s filled with lifestyle and fashion influencers showing off a world that’s very different from most people’s. High-class sports cars and jewellery are being showcased in luxurious and exotic destinations. Welcome to the world of influencer marketing.

Travel Industry Boom

Influencer marketing has significantly impacted the travel industry over the past few years as more and more individuals strive to get a piece of this high-end lifestyle.

No longer are people satisfied with just a simple trip abroad. Instead, they want to be wined and dined like celebrities, like how many of their favourite influencers are.

Fashion bloggers and luxury travel influencers can be found on most social media platforms but perhaps most prominently on TikTok and Instagram.

Some big-name lifestyle influencers even have their own YouTube channel with millions of dedicated followers.

These influential individuals post creative content and tutorials featuring a range of desirable products enjoyed in even more desirable locations.

This post will focus on some of the best luxury Instagram accounts we’ve found in the travel space.

Why More Brands Are Choosing to Work With Luxury Travel Influencers

Seeing high-ranking Instagram influencers frequenting some of the most sought-after vacation destinations worldwide, from Los Angeles to Dubai, Monaco to the Maldives helps boost the popularity rankings of specific brands and their locations.

People love to see what luxuries are out there to be experienced and working with influencers may well be the perfect way to reach consumers in the luxury travel space. Who wouldn’t want to be living a luxury lifestyle driving a Porsche through New York or enjoying a dip in an infinity pool overlooking the rice fields of Bali?

To get a better understanding of just how effective Instagram can be, let’s take a look at some of the best luxury Instagram accounts around:

1. Beautiful Destinations

This travel influencer account with over 8.4M followers has taken advantage of their network to become the ‘go to’ account for social media PR.

Their stunning imagery from all over the world has now become part of their strategy to attract companies and destinations, including Marriott, Starwood, Hilton and the tourism boards of the Philippines, Macao, Ireland and NYC to name a few.

Beautiful Destinations works with its in-house network of photographers and videographers to create one of the most influential travel content Instagram accounts to date. Jacob Riglin is the man behind the strategy.

2. Aman

Aman’s Instagram account showcases luxury travel at its finest. They include imagery of their hotels around the world with a hint of the high-end luxury experiences that their guests can enjoy when staying in any Aman Hotel.

As part of their social strategy, they want to involve their guests by encouraging them to share their images with the hashtags #amanjunkie or #amanjunkies, to help raise the brand’s profile.

3. Bird Travel PR

Bird is a luxury travel PR agency based in London that works with selected exclusive luxury hotels around the world. Its niche portfolio of clients allows Bird to have a great variety of content on both, social media and their blog, bird of mouth. Bird’s Instagram has the perfect balance between destinations, inspiration, and a healthy lifestyle.

4. Mr & Mrs Smith Hotels

Mr & Mrs Smith Hotels adds freshness and a young atmosphere to their Instagram account. Aimed at couples, Mr & Mrs Smith’s luxury travel account mixes imagery of their hotel rooms, pools and restaurants with a stylish touch on each picture they upload.

5. Soho House

Sophisticated, stylish and cool, Soho House’s Instagram includes neat shots of the various houses they have around the world. As the membership club expands its houses to different locations, their Instagram account has become a point of reference for any city travelers looking for the “cool” spots. Check out their latest house account in Barcelona.

6. Small Luxury Hotels

Small Luxury Hotels targets those who want to travel to the remaining few “undiscovered” spots in the world. Their Instagram shows couples roaming idyllic desert beaches, coupled with luxurious breakfasts served in unspoiled locations

7. National Geographic Travel

Calling all adventurers, Nat Geo Travel is the definitive choice for those looking for the ultimate expedition. Their photography excels in its sheer quality, as it shares photographers with its parent account National Geographic. This parent account is known for owning some of the most famous pictures in history as shown by the volume of followers (71M followers vs 15.5M for its travel account).

8. Departures MAG

9. Chiara Ferragni

Chiara’s online career began when she started her online blog, The Blond Salad. She quickly gained success after collaborating with some of the biggest names in the fashion and beauty industry. Today Chiara is a top businesswoman with her footwear, clothing, and accessories brand with an Instagram feed filled with beautiful people and incredible products.

10. Jack Morris

Follow professional photographer Jack Morris as he travels far and wide to capture the most awe-inspiring views the world has to offer. He offers a real insight into how these pictures are obtained and will have you hooked on this luxury lifestyle in an instant.

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