Top 8 Luxury Shoe Brands to Follow on Instagram

Instagram, the luxury consumer marketer’s social platform of choice, is the perfect place to showcase exactly what your brand is about. Like Instagram, your shoes also tell a story as to who you are. In a world that is getting shallower and shallower, visual presentation, whether that be the shoes on your feet, or the Instagram account that represents your brand, is ever important. As digital luxury marketers, we have collated some of the top luxury shoe Instagram accounts for you to gain inspiration from – for your feet or for your own feed.

If you’re interested in social media management, strategy or artistic direction, please do get in touch as this is something we do, day in, day out.

Enjoy scrolling.

1. Church’s 

Forever innovative in their Instagram grid layout, but consistently adhering to their classic style, Church’s are exemplary of how luxury marketing should be approached on Instagram.

2. Blue Velvet 

Based in the ever charming Chelsea, London, this British shoe brand has grown up recently and taken their digital marketing strategy seriously with a new website and social channels. By starting from scratch on Instagram, they’re really establishing a new visual direction and strong brand image. Floral and girly, Blue Velvet are successfully appealing to the younger Chelsea femme.

As a rule of thumb, if you’re wanting to change the artistic direction of your brand, we’d recommend keeping your previous older style content (rather than deleting)- you can always reassess this once you have an established a newer look, with multiple posts.

3. Nicholas Kirkwood

Blues flow into greens, that flow into beiges, all whilst keeping a consistent level of beautiful high-quality product and lifestyle photography. A stunning account that showcases the products, whilst entertaining the audience with complimentary engaging photography to fit the brand and product aesthetic.

4. Santoni

It’s all about the grid, with three being the magic number. The Santoni account is really showing off their products, using different angles, and using more than one square to tell the story.

The feed does mix up product shots with campaign imagery, company news, all with a consistent creative direction. They account posts up to three to four photos a day, which might be a bit too much and could potentially impact the ultimate engagement.

That being said, Instagram’s algorithm may mean that not all of the content is seen- the account is growing at a positive 3% – a nice rate without any paid spend.

5. Crockett and Jones 

This account nods towards the past, present and future, with rows of content which tell the brand’s story. With luxury brands, there is often a heritage story and this is worth capitalising on to make you stand out from the rest.

6. Axel Arigato

Trainers; the most worn shoe by most. This brand has made waves with their slip on leather luxe shoe that comes in many different colours.

Their Instagram account illustrates the colour offering, with sporty campaign imagery, clean lines and a colour scheme. Like most of these luxury shoe accounts, UGC (user generated content- i.e. pictures from everyday Instagram users, like you and me) is not played back on the account. Careful, artistic direction wins again.

7. Charlotte Olympia

The queen of the quirky shoe, this account is a like a free pass into the weird and wonderful mind (and world) of Charlotte Olympia. A mood board of rebellious print and a wild social calendar, the account plays into the fact that the shoes are designed by it-girl Charlotte, and therefore has a human quality.

8. Russell and Bromley – two in one.

We needed to include Russell and Bromley’s two Instagram accounts, not only because Russell and Bromley’s shoes are (arguably) the most reliable, comfortable and smart on the high street, but more because their social strategy is unique. They’ve split their Instagram presence into male and female, each using a nameless pseudo name “R and B PR girl/man”. In doing so they have humanised the account, positioning the content as coming from a shoe obsessor with artistic direction. Curated influencer posts feature heavily too, which plays nicely into the PR aspect of the accounts.

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