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To signify the start of the new year, Verb wanted to reflect on the five biggest digital marketing trends of 2018. Below are the most innovative and prominent digital themes that have captured our attention.


1.Video Marketing

Video marketing has been one of most prominent marketing strategies this year, so much so that we’ve recently explored the 5 top video making tools for brands to take advantage of this through social media . 70% of consumers say that they have shared a brand’s video, brands have supported the evidence that consumers are engaging with this type of content – 72% of businesses say video has improved their conversion rate.

Video marketing is also becoming more prominent in SEO. On Youtube, for instance, it is essential to have a clear description that includes keywords that are related to your video content. Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine so this is highly recommended to make your brand discoverable. The optimum amount of keywords is five. Other tips include providing a link in the description and uploading the transcript so that Google and Youtube can scan it for video context.

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2. Influencer Marketing

Another big marketing trend has been the standardisation of influencer marketing. This channel has experienced exponential growth in the last few years which has meant that we are now finally seeing a clear set of guidelines being established for brands.

However, a growing concern is the fear that sponsored content is affecting influencer’s authenticity and ability to be able to effectively promote their wears – authenticity is becoming critical. The best compromise is to let influencers create their own content in order to make it more believable, ensuring that the brand provides a rough guideline.  Choosing the influencers that you work with carefully is key, selecting only those which fully align with your brand.


3. Big data and Personalisation

Derived from a variety of dіffеrеnt ѕоurсеѕ including  social media, sensor data, public web, business apps and media, big data can be hugely beneficial. It can deliver insight into not just who your customers are but where they are, what they want, how they want to be contacted and their purchasing habits and interests.

This topic was further explained by Chris Donnelly, Founder and Managing Director at Verb Brands who outlined how AI is changing the luxury sector and why brands should invest in it.

One of the most interesting functionalities for brands is the ability to provide personalisation at all touchpoints of the customer journey. From personalised email with relevant suggestions to you to adapted email design. It has been noted that personalisation delivers five to eight times better Return on Investment (ROI) than non-personalized ads. Big data is on the rise and the sooner brands start to get a hold on this they will have more opportunities to reach their consumers through personalisation in the future.

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4. Seamless User Journeys

The web connects the various marketing efforts so it is key that this stays on trend. It works as the central hub that campaigns are directed towards. There is evidence that 38% of customers will stop engaging with a website if it’s unattractive; it is because of this that it is important to think carefully about both UI and UX. Creative formatting is key to this, this can be done by breaking away from the grid structure. Images and copy can overlap and text alignment can vary to keep the site different and interesting. An example of a site built by Verb that adheres to this is The Fife Arms.


5. Voice Search

Voice search is becoming the norm in households with brands such as Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung and Microsoft developing their own smart speakers. 6.6 million people owned a voice-assistant in the UK alone in 2018 and an incredible 47.3 million people in the US. We’ve recently covered the implication of this for SEO and its effect on the way brands use this marketing tool.

If you would like to learn more about digital trends and get your brand’s digital strategy up to date, please get in touch with us.