Optimise Your PPC Ads For Your Campaign Success


Although it’s getting a bit late for New Year’s resolutions, it is never too late to look at improving your business’s processes and, since we’re now rolling into the last quarter of the financial year, it could be the perfect time to look at making the most of your PPC budget by optimising your PPC adverts.

With that in mind, here are three top tips.

1 . Review your budget and focus it where it matters

Admittedly that’s two tips in one, but they go hand in hand.  You need to think in terms of maximum cost per acquisition and make sure that your maximum bids for each keyword allow you to make a profit on each acquisition.

This may sound really simple, but if the cost for a particular keyword keeps going up and you keep adjusting your bid accordingly (or you are using automated bidding which does it for you), then you may find yourself moving into a price range where you are actually making a loss on acquisitions.

If you’re in this situation your options are ceasing to bid on that keyword (at this point) or finding a way to raise the profit level of the acquisition.

2 . Focus your bids on high-performance keywords

The world of PPC is far too competitive for many companies to get away with bidding on any and every keyword that may be relevant to their brand, which means you really need to take the time to understand which keywords are working for you and which you can safely drop.

It’s also worth remembering that, in addition to the budget required for the keyword bid itself, Google is implementing a quality score on PPC adverts, which means that unless you make sure you allocate enough resources to produce high-quality PPC adverts, they won’t be shown regardless of how much you bid for them.

3 . Optimise the adverts themselves and the associated landing pages

Your PPC advert is not going to bring you a conversion by itself.  It’s going to give you a brief window of opportunity to convince a potential customer that it’s worth clicking on your link to find out more.

Therefore, to begin with, you need your PPC advert to be as convincing as possible and that involves more than just choosing the right keyword and writing punchy, relevant copy that shows immediately the value proposition of your brand (although that’s always a good place to start).

You need to make the most of all tools available to you, such as ad extensions to make your PPC advert as attractive, convincing and functional as it can possibly be. Anyone who clicks on your link should be whisked to a customised landing page, which is made as easy to use and attractive as it can possibly be.

If you would like to learn more about how to establish a strong PPC strategy, we offer private workshops for brands. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about it.

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