30 Most Influential People in Luxury Digital to Follow

A luxury influencer on her laptop

Since our last instalment of the leading luxury influencers, the world of digital marketing has been revolutionised again. Luxury brands are now starting to catch up with the rest of the industry and deliver incredible, immersive and customer-focused digital experiences.

Some incredible brands and some incredible people behind those brands have led the past 12 months. Here is our list of the 30 top luxury influencers of the digital world.

1. Federico Marchetti 

@fmarchetti | Instagram @federicomarchetti  |  Blog

Federico Marchetti founded Yoox Group and currently is the Chief Executive Officer of Yoox Net-a-porter group which comprises Yoox, Net-a-Porter, Mr Porter and The Outnet, four of the biggest e-commerce brands today. It is needless to say why Marchetti is currently the one at the top of our list.

2. José Neves

Twitter @Farfetch_jose | Instagram @josefarfetch |  Article

José Neves is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the luxury fashion boutique marketplace, As a thought leader in the fashion and tech sectors, he shares his vision on the next phase for online luxury.

3. Amber Venz Box

@AmberVenzBox | Instagram @venzedits  |  Blog  | Interview

Jointly with her husband Baxter box, they are Co-Founders of the Influencer Marketing platform – @RewardStyle and, Amber and Baxter are the ones to watch within the influencer marketing industry.

4. Diana Verde Nieto

Twitter @dianaverdenieto | Articles  |  Interview

Diana Verde Nieto is the co-founder and CEO of Positive Luxury, the company behind the butterfly mark which awards luxury brands who have a positive impact. Her entrepreneurial vision champions brands to better communicate and embrace sustainable actions within the luxury sector.

5. Pandora Sykes

@PINsykes | Instagram @pandorasykes  |   Blog 

Pandora is the perfect combination of a professional Journalist and lifestyle influencer. Previously at The Sunday Times, she currently co-hosts of current affairs and lifestyle podcast, The High Low.

6. Helen Brocklebank

LinkedIn | Instagram @WalpoleCEO |  Interview

Helen is the CEO at Walpole, a non-profit organisation that promotes, protects and develops British luxury brands worldwide. Walpole UK also promotes emerging luxury brands with its programme Brands of Tomorrow.

Jeremy Langmead

7. Jeremy Langmead

Instagram @jeremylangmead  | Article

Jeremy is the Brand & Content Director at Mr Porter, the male brand from Yoox – Net-a-Porter. His experience mixing eCommerce strategies with content creation is making Mr Porter a point of reference for luxury eCommerce brands.

8. Rachel Arthur

Twitter @rachel_arthur |  Blog

Rachel Arthur is a fashion and tech journalist and strategist. Her posts feature technology innovation within the fashion industry. She is an ex TEDxspeaker and founder of @FashionandMash & #FashMash. She also regularly contributes to @WiredUK and @Forbes

9. Kris Shaw

Twitter @KrisShaw

Kris Shaw is the Digital Director at Soho House & Co. With a fantastic approach to merging the Houses’ physical and digital experience into a single app and website, Soho House is the perfect example of digital marketing well done.

sharmadean reid

10. Sharmadean Reid MBE

@sharmadeanreid | Instagram @sharmadeanreid |  Interview

Sharmadean is the beauty entrepreneur and founder of Working as a consultant, she has the vision to disrupt the beauty and retail sectors through empowering women. She was awarded an MBE last year for her forward-thinking services to the beauty industry.

11. Georgie Coleridge Cole

Instagram @gcoleridgecole 

Founder & Editor at SheerLuxe, Georgie is an expert on brand narrative and content creation for eCommerce brands. Often speaking at fashion and beauty events, her publication Sheerluxe, discusses all topics, fashion, lifestyle, beauty and travel.

12. Philippe Farnier

LinkedIn | Interview

CEO of Remy Cointreau (Louis XIII) and member of the company’s global Executive Committee. Pioneer of the social campaign ‘100 Years’ in collaboration with artist Pharrell Williams.

13. Victoria Buchanan

Twitter @VictoriaFutures

Victoria is the Strategic Researcher at The Future Laboratory @thefuturelab. She defines herself as a critical optimist. Covering culture and all things future, she has been quoted in The Guardian, The Telegraph, WWD, Marketing magazine, Stylist and Sunday Times Style.

14. Chris Donnelly

Twitter @cssdonnelly |  Instagram @cssdonnelly |  LinkedIn

Chris is the founder and Managing Director of the luxury digital agency, Verb Brands. As an expert in luxury digital, Chris often speaks at thought leadership events for digital strategies within luxury fashion and hospitality.

Chris Morton

15. Chris Morton

@chrismorton |  Interview

Fashion eCommerce entrepreneur Chris Morton is the Founder and CEO of Lyst, a fashion aggregation and discovery app that has raised more than $20.5 million in three rounds of funding since 2010. His feed features thought leadership posts in fashion and digital subjects.

16. Ana Andjelic

Twitter @andjelicaaa |  Blog

As a luxury consultant and strategist, Ana Andjelic writes, shares and speaks about how to disrupt luxury brands through digital strategies. She regularly contributes to the best-known luxury fashion publications.

17. Amy Kean

Twitter @Keano81 |  Interview   

Amy Kean is the VP of Transformation at Coty’s internal agency, Beamly. She is passionate about change, and all the ways and she embraces innovation in the beauty sector.

18. Nick Blunden

Twitter  @nickblunden | LinkedIn | Talk

Nick Blunden is the Chief Commercial Officer of the go-to fashion and business publication, The Business of Fashion. Nick regularly speaks at thought leadership events and posts all things digital, strategy and luxury retail.

19. Lucy Hirom


Having worked in digital marketing at some of the main retailers worldwide, Lucy has experienced the major challenges that online retailers have faced with the digital age. Currently Head of Digital at Liberty London.

20. Frederic Court

Twitter @fcourt | Article

Frederic is the Founder of Felix Capital, a Venture Capital firm Backing ambitious entrepreneurs in digital and creative industries. Her portfolio includes some of the bigger players in the digital space such as BOF, Farfetch, Deliveroo and Houzz. Frederic shares his thoughts on digital and lifestyle.

21. Ana Nash

Twitter @annarnash

Anna is the Head of Global PR and Communications at Aman Resorts. Her impeccable outbound and communications strategy have brought Aman to be a point of reference in luxury hospitality digital marketing space.

22. Samantha Shankman

Twitter @samshankman | Articles

Samantha shares all things luxury hospitality and technology. As the luxury editor at @skift, she gets a real overview of the status of the luxury travel and hospitality sectors and what can luxury hotels learn from other industries such as fashion and retail.

23. Ann Tran

Twitter @AnnTran_ | Instagram @anntranfashion | Articles

Ann Tran is a respected social media consultant, travel social marketing strategist, influencer, and sought-after speaker at social media and technology events. She has built a highly engaged audience, purposefully cultivating a genuine connection with her readers through storytelling and video. 

24. Tiffany Dowd

Twitter  @LuxeTiffany | Instagram @luxetiffany |  Blog 

Tiffany Dowd is a global luxury hotel expert known as Luxe Tiffany and Founder & President of Luxe Social Media. She is a contributing luxury travel writer to various luxury travel publications including The Telegraph, USA Today and US News & World Report.

25. Zack Bates

Twitter @ZackBates | Instagram @zackbates | Article

Zack is CEO of Private Club Marketing, a firm that advises some of the most exclusive private members’ clubs throughout North America on branding, communication and engagement.

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26. Emma Chamberlain

Twitter @EmmaChamberlain | Instagram @emmachamberlain

Emma is a famous content creator and YouTuber who joined the world of luxury influencing when she first partnered with Louis Vuitton in 2019. She also featured on Time magazine’s Time 100 Next List in the same year. More recently she was spotted with the Vogue team attending Ganni’s Spring/Summer 2023 show.

27. Jamie Chua

Instagram @ec24m

Jamie Chua is a Singapore-based socialite often referred to as the country’s unofficial ‘Instagram Queen’. The socialite’s socials are filled with photos of her expensive designer bag collection, which includes more than 200 just from the fashion brand Hermes.

28. Elyse Berson

Instagram @sourcedbyelyse

Elyse made her way in the world of luxury influencing around 2016 when she left the glitz and glamour of New York and hit the suburbs with her great knowledge of the fashion industry to carry her.

In addition to posting numerous photos featuring several of the biggest fashion brand names such as Chanel and Yves St Laurent, Elyse also runs her own luxury fashion concierge service for those wanting a more personalized shopping experience.

29. Thali Garcia

Twitter @thaligarce Instagram @thaligarcia

With more than 1.3 million Instagram followers on her Instagram account, it’s clear to see that Thali Garcia is a big influence when it comes to fashion. The beauty bombshell’s posts are filled with incredible photos of Thali enjoying life with several of the finest brand-name accessories to accompany her.

30. Lorna Luxe

Instagram @lornaluxe

Lorna is an extremely passionate fashion influencer who quickly rose to success with her inane ability to create eye-catching outfits donned with some of the most beautiful jewelry. Her fashion and travel blog has attracted millions of followers from all across the globe.

Why Brands Should Consider Collaborations with Digital Influencers

In a world where social media is a significant part of most people’s lives, it makes sense to form partnerships with high-end fashion influencers. These digital fashion bloggers can showcase your brand in all its glory with an audience of eager subscribers itching to get their hands on the next best luxury product to hit the market.

Self-made luxury fashion influencers are everywhere, from TikTok videos and YouTube channels to Instagram accounts. Why? Because the partnerships work exceptionally well for all involved.

Take Chiara Ferragni, for example. She began her rise to fame in 2009 when she launched her blog Hosting a mix of fashion, lifestyle, and traveling, the fashion designer quickly gained traction by working with various brands to promote their products. As a result, she’s now developed a very loyal fan base with more than 14 million followers on her Instagram account.

Tara Whiteman of Tara Milk Tea is another excellent example of how successful luxury influencing can be. This luxury travel influencer made millions documenting her daily lifestyle, including her latest travel adventures. Through her blog, she shares amazing food to try, places to go, and of course, all the best fashion brands.

Teaming up with popular digital fashion influencers is a win-win situation for all involved. For the influencer, they get more followers, and more followers mean a more extensive reach. The brands willing to invest and have their products showcased on these hot socials get instant exposure, which usually equates to increased revenue. And most importantly, consumers see the product in its true light.

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