Clara Saladich
Senior Marketing Manager at Luxury Digital Agency, Verb Brands


At the beginning of February, we had the pleasure to host our first LEARN event at The Club at the Ivy with a great mix of minds from diverse luxury industries.

We reflect at a very interactive two hours workshop on how to use Google analytics and improve website’s conversion. Chris Donnelly, founder and managing director of Verb started the presentation with a key statement: “a successful website is one that continues to get better”. Websites that require redesign or rebuild every 1 or 2 years, miss the continuity and often can see the website performance decrease.Redesign websiteThe presentation highlighted the benefits of how Google Analytics can help you track any information from your audience’s data; from location and age to hobbies and marketing channels. As an example, fast eCommerce growth is achieved by fast international growth. Companies should pay attention to where their audiences are and tailor to their website accordingly – Chris stated – In addition,  analytics can help you discover which marketing channels are driving conversion on your site and therefore, maximise them. If you know that PPC is not driving any traffic to your site, stop doing it.

Learn Google Analytics

The workshop continued with the importance to align tools such as Google Analytics and Hotjar to really identify where are the problems on your site. Consumers will spend less and less time on the purchasing process. If the aim is to improve conversion, making it as easy as possible is definitely the way forward. While analytics can give you a better overview, Hotjar can focus page by page, emphasising the reasons why your audience is abandoning your website.

Learn Google Analytics

We want to thank all LEARN attendees for helping make this event a great success. If you have any questions about the topic, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The second edition of LEARN will showcase the best practices of SEO and acquisition. Chris Donnelly, Managing Director and Freddie Mayer, Head of SEO, will discuss how to make your website rank higher on Google searches and which techniques can help you achieve that. We will show how Verb ranks the highest for all of our terms. If you’re interested in attending, please reserve your place here.