Clara Saladich
Senior Marketing Manager at Luxury Digital Agency, Verb Brands

It started with Vogue; they were the experts. The elite who told us next month’s new lipstick shade or the latest shape skirt to rock that summer.

The internet was born and the public became the experts, the new found blogger was born. The lines of expertise were blurred.  Afterall, who is to say who is to decide which lipstick works? A paid PR partnership between brand and publisher, or an unpaid passionate digital friend and confident who shows you how the lipstick looks?


We became sceptical about blogger reviews but still even to this day believe them. We now rely heavily on visual cues of success; sucked in by the images and the videos that show us whether something works; whether we want to buy them.

We want to consume the successes ever faster. Countless images per minute, pausing only at ones which really speak to us. The endless scrolling introduced to us by the never complete Facebook newsfeed, or the Tumblr newsfeed.

Now we eat up Instagram. All 800 million monthly active Instagram users. The platform gives us what magazines used to: “Expert advice”, visual stimulus, a place to exercise our imagination, a place to understand and get to know celebrity, the key to the closed door of the most exclusive parties and events, to whisk us to the exotic beach pictured, or to let us dream of wearing the latest off the shoulder dress.

Brands no longer have to wait for their products to be accepted by the devil wears Prada to gain traction. Nor do they need a monthly title to reach the millions. PR has shifted. The barriers to entry for Instagram are low and this now saturated medium is about standing out with consistency; sharing a lifestyle which connects the consumer.

Take pointers from Mr Porter who consistently share a luxury lifestyle, subtly featuring their products to sell as well as links to expertise featured on their website.

Mr Porter Live

Love Stories Intimates who curate their content like the pages of a magazine from a macro perspective. Their grid matching and pointing towards a wider content story of a luxurious lingerie line.

Love Stories

Acne Studios showcased their catwalk show in a series of multiple image posts in two rows of content. It then supported this story with further featured videos of the catwalk – a different story of the backstage view, mixed in with abstract advertorials so as to keep the user occupied with the world of Acne.

Acne Studios
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