Clara Saladich
Senior Marketing Manager at Luxury Digital Agency, Verb Brands

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In 2018, all sectors from luxury fashion to hospitality and travel have been centring their marketing objectives around one key trend: personalisation.

In a sector where human touch and a ‘white glove’ service is seen as the key to success, achieving the right level of customer personalisation at all touchpoints can be seen as a challenge as well as an opportunity.

Luxury hospitality and travel have proven to be the industries to watch in regards to the growth rate in the last few years. Luxury consumers’ preferences have shifted away from the ownership of material goods to the discovery of unforgettable experiences.

To explore and analyse the reasons behind this shift, Verb Brands partnered with HGEM to publish the latest White Paper in Luxury Hospitality. The report discusses the current state of the luxury hospitality industry and explains how hotel brands can improve loyalty and reputation through digital personalisation.

Throughout the report, additional insights, provided by key industry players from top luxury hotels, have been included. Interviews were conducted with Rosewood London, The Ned, Claridge’s, The Connaught and The Berkeley to gather exclusive information. Some of the key findings we’ve analysed include:

    • The understanding of the current luxury traveller and travel trends
    • The different strategies used to target Millennials and older generations
    • The key to building a strong brand reputation and brand love
    • How to provide digital personalisation
  • Exclusive industry case studies

Download your exclusive copy of the white paper Luxury Hospitality: Personalisation and Loyalty by Verb Brands.