jaelynn-castillo-58131-unsplashAhead of our upcoming TREND: Luxury Fashion Digital Innovators, we’re exploring how to maximise our visibility across multiple digital channels. These days, no brand is too small, large or too luxurious to have some sort of presence on social media. In fact, you could argue that luxury brands are in the best possible position to leverage social media to their advantage because luxury brands are both unique and engaging, which are the two pillars of a successful social media strategy.

Here are four tips to make your brand stand out on crowded social media platforms:

Combine bite-sized content with long-form content

This may be the key to creating shareable content and extending your brand’s reach, particularly amongst younger users.  Right now, there is something of an online paradox: on the one hand, many people face a lot of time pressure and tend to make snap decisions about what they want to see/read and what they want to share; on the other hand, when people do have the time, they still very much enjoy longer form content.

The way to square this circle is to use photographs and infographics as easily-shareable teasers for longer-form content.  If the image itself is high-quality then people will feel comfortable sharing it for its own sake, even if they haven’t had a chance to read the article itself at that point.

Balance brand consistency with personalisation

While you absolutely want to keep the same general look and feel across all your brand content, always remember that social media is about being sociable, in other words, putting a human face to your business.

Many people today want to feel that they are spending their money with companies that behave in a reasonable and responsible manner and that includes being good employers and treating suppliers fairly.  Social media gives you a great platform for human-interest stories that showcase your brand’s ethical credentials.

Respond to comments

A big mistake brands often make on social media is “posting and running”, in other words, they put out their own content and then ignore the responses to it.  While it can be reasonable to ignore “throwaway” comments, people who take the time to leave meaningful comments deserve a meaningful response.

Glossier are a great example of engaging with their followers through comments. Here, we see an example of the brand answering questions and responding to comments almost immediately. Engaging with followers and customers in this way is likely to create a much higher level of brand loyalty than if comments were ignored.


Share other people’s content

This may seem counterintuitive but it can be really worthwhile to share non-competitive content that fits your overall brand strategy.  For example, if you produce luxury cosmetics based on natural ingredients and you find someone has written an impressive article about the benefits of one of the ingredients you use, then it certainly makes sense to share it. Similarly, in this example on Instagram with Creed Fragrances, a client of Verb Brands, we shared an image from The Connaught hotel. This hotel brand is completely non-competitive to Creed, instead it provides extremely complimentary content. This also keeps the content on the feed as varied and inspiring as possible.

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If you’d like to discuss a wider social media strategy for your brand, get in touch: hello@verbbrands.com.