VERB’s New Starter Onboarding Process

Talent Advisor at VERB, Charlotte Wheeler, explains what the VERB new starter process is and how we welcome new employees into the team. 

Starting a new job comes with a mixture of emotions from exciting, scary, overwhelming and everything in between. Starting a job remotely and during a pandemic can be even more daunting! 

At VERB, we understand this. We’ve ensured our onboarding process supports, reassures and gets all of our new joiners excited for their first day at VERB! 

Here’s what you can expect in your first few weeks when you join the VERB team…

  1. Offer 

We know how important a good manager relationship is. We make sure your manager is the one to call you with the good news and talk you through the role, what’s expected and the details about the VERB benefits package and GROW Framework. 

  1. Contract & New Starter Documents 

Here comes the ‘serious stuff’… we send you over the contract as soon as the offer is made so that you can take your time to review the T&C’s and come back to us with any questions. We’ve also created a ‘Working at VERB’ document which outlines all our wonderful benefits and gives you a more indepth look at our culture and values and what to expect when you join. 

  1. Welcome pack and tech 

Each new team member receives their laptop and some welcome ‘goodies’ in the post ahead of their first day to get them excited about joining. The goodie pack always contains a notepad, water bottle, pen, chocolates, card and a book (chosen and recommended by their manager)! 

  1. First Week POA 

Before you join the team, we discuss with your manager what the first few days will look like, what you’ll be working on and who you need to meet. This is laid out in a timetable so you know what to expect and what you will be doing each day. We also like to include ‘first week accomplishments’ and ‘need to know’ information as we know there’s a lot to take in from the first week.

  1. Buddy Intro 

We assign you a ‘buddy’ which is a person from outside of your team. Your buddy acts as a support and they will be your go to person for any questions you might have. You will have an intro on your first day and we encourage the team to meet up and introduce themselves in person if they can!

  1. Pre-Friday starter email 

On the Friday before we email all new starters their induction plan, their log in details and everything they’ll need to know ahead of their first day. It’s an opportunity for them to ask any final questions, but above all, we like to let them know we’re really excited to welcome them into the team. 

  1. Your First Day!

As a new starter you will start the day with a call with your manager who welcomes you to the team. There is then an induction that covers all of our systems, ways of working, benefits and culture! We also send through a picture and name chart of everyone at VERB with their job titles and departments, so you can ‘put a face to a name’. We’ll also announce on our company slack channel the welcome and celebration of new starters too. 

  1. Coffee Meetings & Training Sessions 

Every morning in the first week there are virtual ‘coffee meetings’ to meet all the different teams. The purpose of this is so you get to know everyone, and everyone can introduce themselves. We also put a number of training sessions and inductions on every quarter so you can familiarise yourself with what each team does and how they feed into the wider business. 

If you’re looking for a new opportunity in digital, check out our job opportunities. Don’t be afraid to get in touch!