A Guide for Luxury Fashion Approaching COVID19

A Guide for Luxury Fashion Approaching COVID19 Using Digital

The global pandemic is first and foremost a human tragedy, but this goes beyond those who have lost their lives. Families across the world are being hit as their livelihoods are put on pause or made redundant. What this pandemic has taught us, however, is that humour trumps all, and humanity is in this mess together. Furthermore, there are opportunities to arise from this crisis. Whilst we may not be certain as to how long this period will last, there are things brands can be doing during this period to remain relevant despite challenges. 

Arguably the Fashion industry has been hit hard, but whilst online shopping remains possible, there’s an opportunity for retail brands to survive this period. The problem then lies with two things: consumer demand and supply chain logistics.

We have created a whitepaper that looks at how fashion brands can use digital marketing to weather the storm, what we envisage the impact on the Fashion industry to be, and how to come out on top during and following on from this period. Marketing is going to play an essential factor in business continuity and recovery. 

Topics covered

  • How user intent has shifted and brands need to play towards that
  • SEO strategy for short term and long term
  • Pushing eCommerce in the right way
  • Routes to inspire conversion
  • Optimising your paid media targeting
  • The importance of content
  • Looking to China
  • The future

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