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Top 10 NYC Instagram Accounts

With our recent move to New York, we wanted to show you our favourite Instagram accounts in the big apple. From influencers to luxury hotels, we’ve selected the most artistic and aesthetically pleasing accounts on one of our favourite social media platforms.

1.  Influencer: @emily_luciano, 410K followers

We love Emily’s cool-girl aesthetic in contrast with New York City’s architecture; utilising the soft pastel colours of her clothing to emphasise the industrial scenes behind her. She has an impressive feed, demonstrating the importance of colour matching to create a seamless feed – very soft pastels in this instance.

2. Chef: @runwaychef, 25.5K

Alyssa plays on the current wellbeing trend, bringing her followers healthy, modern food with a luxurious feel. Originally from NYC, now in LA, she combines both East and West coast tastes to make delicious, healthy recipes. Her feed works with earthy tones to promote her use of natural ingredients.

3. Hotel: @thenomadhotel, 86.4K followers

The NoMad Hotel has locations worldwide, each boasting unique architecture in collaboration with impressive design, food offering and retail. Their feed reflects the hotel’s opulence, alternating between plush velvet chairs, city landscapes and exquisite foods. Interestingly, there is also an element of fashion iconography within the photographs. The NoMads Hotel is diverse and playful. If you’re looking for an unusual hospitality brand to follow, look no further.

4. Hotel: @1hotels, 143K followers

1Hotels claims to be the first mission-driven luxury hotel brand, inspired by nature. Their feed certainly alludes to an oasis in the city. Currently, in New York and Miami, greenery is the main theme throughout both hotels. Focusing on light and bright imagery with green running throughout, their grid builds a strong brand identity. It is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise polluted environment.

5.  Restaurant:  @lebernardinny, 177k followers

Le-Bernardin is an impressive and progressive restaurant in New York. The concept of the restaurant revolves around fish; ‘The fish is the star of the plate’, the tagline for the establishment. Their instagram follows this, with a clear, clean aesthetic. Each image is largely white, with a strong pop of colour in the centre. The images are captured in a way that the fish is always the star of the plate. If you zoom out, the grid appears to be made up of just fish due to the pale backgrounds.

6. Hotel: @thestandard, 130k followers

Situated in LA, Miami, New York and London, The Standard has a fun and unique Instagram feed. Their account has an array of lifestyle imagery reflecting their unique offering, we love their mix between comical and editorial photos.

7. Retailer: @totokaelo, 122k

Totokaelo have an incredibly pleasing aesthetic. Featuring a blend of homeware, lifestyle, fashion and textures, it’s an intriguing grid. Minimalism and earthy tones create a common theme amongst the diverse spread of imagery. If you’re interested in artistic depictions of everyday objects then follow Totokaelo.

8.Design House:  @johnderiancompany , 96.1K

The John Derian company was founded in 1989, specialising in handmade decoupage. Their designs are simply beautiful and their instagram grid is no different. It is an array of statement designs and product imagery, leaving you endlessly scrolling his imagery for inspiration. This account is fantastic for those interested in interior design, craftmanship or fabrics.

9. Retailer: @khaite_ny, 130K followers

We love this ready-to-wear brand with its imaginative take on classic designs and artistic photography. Based in NYC, they’ve taken the classic white shirt and elevated it. Khaite focuses on quality materials and subtle but striking details. Follow their feed for style inspiration and the latest trends – their Instagram is very eclectic.

10. Hotel: @11_howard, 28.9k followers

11 Howard Hotel, situated in Soho,  prides themselves on being socially conscious – or ‘conscious hospitality’ in their own words. They have ensured that the design, location and amenities they provide are as ethical as possible. Their feed matches this aesthetic with a mix of sleek interiors and greenery. If you’re looking for home inspiration, look no further.

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