The Domino Effect #ItStartsWithMe

Every year, on the second Monday of May, the UK celebrates Mental Health Awareness Week.  We believe this week is integral in showing support and raising awareness of mental health. To us, it is a reminder that you are not alone. We strongly believe in the prioritisation of employee mental health and whilst there has been a shift in our society over the past few years, the stigma of mental health in the workplace is still an ever-present issue.

In honour of this national celebration, we wanted to share our thoughts on mental health in the workplace.



The facts speak for themselves.

We recognise that it can be daunting to open up within a work environment for fear of not being promoted, valued or understood. At Verb, that couldn’t be further from the truth. We believe that we can help change the way people regard their own mental health issues with one important change.

#ItStartsWithMe is Verb’s answer to the domino effect. Our theory is that by getting leaders in the industry to open up first then others will follow and we can support each other. Our aim is to start this domino effect not only within our own agency but within the creative industry. We want to initiate the monumental shift within our own environment and give our team the courage to bring their whole selves to work – not just their work self. It takes true courage to open up but we believe it starts with one person – you.

Verb pledges to adhere to 5 key mindfulness initiatives..


1. Share

We want to invite our team to share more. Since implementing TGIF, whereby teams communicate new creative ideas surrounding culture, operational improvements and new innovation; we’ve seen a boost in positivity and creativity. Another initiative we have brought in is Lunch and Learn – a biweekly workshop hosted by anyone in the team on anything they want to share. We want to carry on encouraging our team to share, inspiring a change from the top.


2. Increase transparency

We believe that transparency is key to making our teams feel valued and respected. We are working hard to make our processes as transparent as we can through regular company meetings and internal marketing updates.


3. Focus on meaningful connections

We will prioritise the quality of personal connection over quantity. We offer every team member regular 121’s with their line managers focusing on personal development. Moving forwards we want to create more time for our team to share meaningful connections through more Verb socials.


4. Prioritise the mind, body and soul

We are three dimensional and yet many employers only focus on one. At Verb, we offer support and growth in all three areas. We offer every single employee £500 to spend each year on anything that benefits their mind, body and/or soul. From books to sky-diving to counselling, we want to encourage you to nurture your own self.


5. Increase flexibility

We recognise that we have to provide flexible working conditions in order to accommodate employee happiness and lifestyle. At Verb, we offer core hours so you can work at a time at which you’re most productive. We offer you the opportunity to take a morning yoga class or avoid an anxiety-inducing rush hour commute.

This May, in celebration of Mental Health Awareness week and our pledges, we want to make our own stand. We’ll be hosting our own activity week from the 13th to the 17th of May for our employees at Verb. From green juices to life drawing to encourage body positivity, we’ve arranged a wide variety of workshops, talks and activities in the hope that we’ll inspire a new way of thinking.  

We’re not promising a solution to mental health challenges, we’re promising a change in perspective.



If you want to join an agency that prioritises it’s people above all else, work for us. Apply online to start your Verb journey with us today.

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