Lara Waycot
People & Culture Manager Verb Brands

We appreciate everyone’s individuality at Verb and believe in supporting our employees in their personal as well as professional growth. Every person has their own unique contribution to make and so we have found ways to celebrate their individuality. Our aim is to infuse the same level of care and passion that goes into our clients, into each other.  Here are some of the ways we have done this. 

Verb Team

Verb Visionaries 

As a group of ambitious people, our team is one that wants to challenge the status quo. This is why we created the Verb Visionaries. Our culture isn’t defined by one person, it has to be a blend of all of us who make up Verb. The Visionary teams allow everyone to have a say on what we celebrate and how. Yes, they have put on some awesome celebrations for us but more so, they have crafted our wellbeing strategy and defined what CSR means at Verb. 

This is what each of the group takes care of:

  • ‘Verb Gives’ highlights important causes throughout the year and encourage our team to get involved in a programme of charitable events. Some examples include celebrating and educating through pride month as well as fundraising for JEANS for Genes. 
  • ‘Verb Unplugged’ allows us to infuse the same care that goes to our work to the same team. The Unplugged team has prioritised wellbeing in the workplace such as Mental Health Awareness week and meditation sessions. 
  • ‘Verb Social Committee’.  We understand the power of connecting with each other. Our Social Committee is made of people who love to organise some activities to connect as a team. In the past, we had ‘Curling’ and ‘Pizza Making’ days and our epic Verb Summer Party.

Verb Benefits 

We’re always looking to upgrade our offering of employee perks so that we can best support our team. For some people, getting to the gym 4 times a week is a priority, whereas for others they may want to spend their spare time learning a new language. For our team to reach their potential, they need the opportunity to own what this looks like, that’s why we’ve crafted a selection of benefits that can be blended to suit our team’s needs: 

  • Mind Body Soul’ Through the MBS scheme, our team can use £500 over the year on something that will benefit their Mind, Body or Soul. What this looks like is really up to each individual. We’ve seen everything from language lessons and gym memberships to therapy, meditation and anything that can enrich their mind, body or soul! 
  • ‘Take Two’ is the opportunity to take time for you. Whether it’s to travel the world, go back to study or focus on yourself we have an ambitious team and want to facilitate them reaching their personal goals rather than hinder them. So much so that we offer a two-month sabbatical when team members celebrate their second and fourth year with us. 

In addition, our team have the option to increase their holidays by up to 5 days at the start of each holiday year. 

  • Perkbox Perkbox is an employee benefits scheme that is designed to make life a little more affordable. Mix and match from; free phone insurance,  high street discounts, nursery vouchers, cycle to work schemes and many more. 


Working desk

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don’t want to.”

Richard Brandson

Richard Brandson said it right; training should be a number one priority in today’s workplace. At Verb, we give our employees the training THEY want rather imposing company needs. Understanding and supporting their growth can help them find their path and enjoy work even more. 

  • The Verb Academy’s mission is to arm people with the skills to grow their career at Verb and beyond. With a combination of external and internal speakers, we are equipping our employees with the necessary skills to deliver best-in-class work. 
  • We understand the power of connecting with each other and supporting the growth of one another. This is why our team host regular Lunch & Learns. The aim of these sessions is to encourage knowledge sharing across departments while getting together over lunchtime to learn about it. 
  • TED TALK Tuesdays – We love getting together over food, here at Verb but we’re also hungry to learn! Ever on the lookout to find sources of inspiration, we sit down together, once a month to watch TED TALKS and eat Pizza.
  • We allocate a Personal Training Budget for each employee’s development. Alongside the day to day learning that takes place at Verb and through the Academy, Each team member has a personal training budget that, with their manager, they can decide how to use, to meet their professional goals.
Table with food

At Verb, we aim to take care of our employees, by understanding what each of them cares about. We understand that every single member of the team is what makes Verb what it is today. We work hard to ensure that our team are challenged and reaching their potential whilst also enjoying their time at work.

If you’re interested in joining our team, check our current openings on the careers page