5 Mins With Thopon, Marketing Executive

chris-authorBy Chris Donnelly (@donnelcs)


How have you found your time at Verb so far?

“Its inspiring to be part of a company that is continuously growing. Verb is mainly based on referrals and word of mouth which proves the value of the company.”

What is your favourite thing about working at Verb?

“The people I’ve become friends with very quickly and the motivation to work hard. I like the in depth strategic thinking verb applies to all their projects. I also love the chemistry we have in the team as I’ve always believed communication is key to success in business.”

Why did you pursue Digital Marketing as a career?

“I chose this path mostly because it was new and exciting. The industry has grown enormously alongside web usage and I see this trend continuing  in the future. I would love to be at the centre of that. Also because I think there is a lot to discover in this field as it is a fairly new industry and it will be exciting to be involved in all of those discoveries.”

What is your favourite football team?

“The Gunners all the way! Arsenal have always been my local club and I’ve always loved them. Although we are going through many rough patches, I think we will very soon be back in the trophy game and have a large impact in the Premier League again!”

Where do you see yourself in 2 years time?

“I always aim to exceed expectations, therefore I hope to be able to know this industry with my eyes closed! I also want to gain as much knowledge as possible within this platform and be the absolute best at what I do.”

Why are verb now heavily investing in their marketing?

“Being a company that has relied solely upon referrals Verb have managed to grow at a quick pace over the last few years. However now that the team is larger and business as a whole has matured, it is time to really start strategically marketing ourselves to attract more high calibre clients”. 

What motivates you most to do well?

“My motivation is the success of other people. Witnessing other people accomplish goals builds a certain platform for myself. I believe, if an average person can find success, then I am just as capable.”

Whats your favourite video game?

“Well, considering I play a lot of FIFA currently I would probably say this is top of my list! I also love classics like: Simpsons Hit n’ Run, Pro Evolution Soccer and not to mention Pokemon”

What do your hobbies and interests include?

“I’ve always enjoyed playing football. I have played from a very young age and If i say for myself, i’m quite good ha! Otherwise, chilling out with my friends, eating out and generally taking it easy”. 

Tell us something we do not already know about you?

“When I was young, I wanted to be a Power Ranger. Then I thought theres more to life than saving the world, like marketing for Verb! Oh and I also played the Violin for a few years when I was in primary school.”

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