5 Mins With Our Project Manager Ben

thopon-authorThopon Chowdhury (@ThoponChowdhury)


What do you enjoy about your role at verb?
“It’s difficult to pick one particular aspect, but from a broader perspective it is the work we do that is the most appealing. The technology sector is changing so quickly and so radically that you barely know what will happen next week let alone ten years down the line and Verb are right in the middle of it, working with some brilliant clients who are at the cutting edge of the Digital field.”

What motivates you to be successful?
“I am very lucky to work alongside some brilliantly talented people and that inevitably pushes you to be better, but for me, the biggest motivation is that I genuinely love what we do here at Verb, from the office culture, to the clients we work with, all the way through to the projects we deliver on, the fact that I genuinely look forward to work is a easily the biggest motivation you can ask for.”

How is it that you came to be a project manager?
“I actually came from a technology recruitment firm and used to recruit for Chris and Verb and so already knew a lot about the company. There are a surprising amount of transferable skills between recruitment and Project Management and so when Verb started looking it was actually a very smooth transition.”

What are your most common hobbies?
“I am a massive sports fan, regularly playing cricket, hockey and football as well as supporting, whether it is watching Liverpool throw away yet another lead or the England cricket team show an almost admirable tenacity to lose from almost any position…Other then that I tend to read quite a lot.”

What are the main things you’ve learnt so far from being a part of Verb?
“This is the first time I have worked for a small company and so has been an adjustment period but I absolutely love the buzz of it all and the progress we are making is nothing short of astonishing. The other big change is that they have given me a Mac to use and I have always been a bit of a die hard Toshiba fan so that has taken some getting use to!”

Have you ever met anyone famous? What did you say or do?
“‘Met’ is probably a bit of a stretch but I did almost walk in to Hugh Dennis from outnumbered at Waterloo station the other day. I tried to play it cool and give him a casual nod but spoilt the moment somewhat by walking into a bin.”

If you were to be deserted on an island, what would be the three essentials you will take with you and why?
“My kindle for sure, though I’m guessing the island offers limited opportunities for charging it. Some sort of survival guide, as I am not exactly Mr Wilderness and then finally a large pot of coffee as groggy doesn’t even come close to describing just how poorly I function without my morning hit of caffeine.”

Tell us something Verb do not already know about you
“I am writing (or at least attempting to write) my own book.” 

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