5 Mins With Olivia, Mid-Weight Designer

thopon-authorThopon Chowdhury (@Thopon Chowdhury)


What do you enjoy about being a designer at verb?

“I enjoy the freedom to try out ideas. As designers we are allowed to exercise our creativity quite freely and its great to be able to bounce ideas off each other too.”

How has your time been at Verb so far?

“I’ve really enjoyed my time at Verb so far. I’ve been with the company quite a while and its amazing to see how we have grown and developed.”

What motivates you to be successful?

“At Verb, clients motivate me to be successful. Knowing that a client is completely happy with a design is a satisfying feeling. Outside of Verb, I’m pretty driven by the creativity of others.”

Whats the most difficult part of your job?

“I would say trying to understand a vague client vision. It’s difficult and can be a challenge but it really motivates you to drive the project forward and pin down what it is they want.”

What type of music do you listen to?

“Everything! We have a pretty diverse music taste in the office as we all like very different things… If its a busy day I’ll stick my headphones in and listen to some sort of dj set. I like a bit of techno but I’m just as partial to some soul and blues.”

Where do you see yourself in 2 years time?

“I haven’t quite thought that far ahead yet!”

What are your most common hobbies?

“Hanging out with my friends, seeing live music and dj sets, gin…”

Tell us a fact, that Verb do not already know about you?

 “I really love the game Scrabble. Can we do a team Scrabble tournament?”

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