Your First Role in Digital Marketing

We took some time to have coffee with two of our account executives from the SEO and Paid Media teams. We wanted to find out why they chose their career and first role in digital. 

What was your path into marketing? How did you get where you are today?

  • Last year I completed my Executive Masters degree in International Marketing from KCL, this seemed like the next step. (YB) 
  • I studied marketing for my undergraduate degree and then luxury brand management for my masters. I then started creating websites for small, niche luxury businesses and managed their digital marketing platforms. (JG) 

What made you want to work at VERB? Have you always wanted to work in digital? 

  • Working with luxury brands has always been a big passion of mine and to get the chance to work with some amazing brands is great! I always knew I wanted to work in marketing but digital marketing was a new territory for me. (YB)
  • When I first discovered VERB I was intrigued by their offering as a digital marketing agency specifically for luxury brands. I’ve always wanted to work in digital, as there’s so much scope for development and creativity, it’s a bonus being able to do this for luxury brands! (JG)

What does your day to day look like? What do you do? 

  • My day-to-day varies, but it always starts with a check of all my accounts to see how they are working and whether I see anywhere to improve and optimise. I’ll check to see what other calls I have coming up, mid-mornings are normally filled with internal catchups. At the moment I’m working on building new campaigns and optimising existing ones. (YB) 
  • Each week I work on a variety of different luxury accounts, from restaurants and fragrance, to fashion and beauty brands. I mainly make technical recommendations and content optimisations for our clients to help boost their organic performance, whilst also tracking results and looking for new opportunities. (JG) 

What projects are you working on right now? 

  • At the moment, I am working on a digital strategy for The Ritz London and launching Paid activities for Roja Parfums. I’m also working on some creative concepts for ads and working on research to include in new pitches which is exciting to see and be a part of. (YB)
  • At the moment, I’m working on a content calendar and blog article briefs for Fragrance Du Bois as well as keyword analysis for Bloomingdales in the Middle East. (JG)

What do you enjoy most about your role? 

  • Working with wider teams to meet client strategies. I love working with my colleagues on certain projects and learning along the way. Every client is different. (YB)
  • I really enjoy the amount of learning and autonomy in the role. There is so much support and training from the team, so I’m always developing my skill set when working on different types of projects. (JG)

What 3 skills do you think are essential for a career in digital? 

  • Organisation, Communication and Teamwork. (YB) 
  • Good time management, a team player and eager to learn. (JG)

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to start a  career in digital marketing?

  • Keep up to date as much as you can with current news and trends. The digital world of marketing, especially in the luxury market, is constantly changing. When applying for jobs make sure you do your research beforehand. (YB)
  • My advice would be to try and find a niche you’re interested in within digital marketing, rather than just looking at digital marketing as a whole. This way you become a specialist, rather than just having a vague understanding of all the different digital marketing divisions. (JG)

Next Steps

If you fancy a role in digital working with some of the best luxury brands in the business then take a read here.  We are currently hiring for an array or roles on our careers page and we’d love to hear from you!