A day in the life of Penelope Banton, Digital PR Manager

Find out what a day in the life of Penelope Banton, our Digital PR manager looks like.

How do you start your day?

If I don’t need to start work early, I tend to get up around 7.30am & jump straight in the shower to wake myself up. I make a coffee and listen to Radio X as I’m getting ready – Chris Moyles is my favourite (the DJ).

What’s your go to breakfast?

I hate to admit that it’s usually just a black coffee until lunch. That said, I’m really into bagels at the moment with marmite and cucumber… perhaps not for everyone’s taste.

What’s your top tip for managing your day?

I always make an effort to take my full lunch break and get out the house (if working from home). I’ll pop to the shop or go on a walk – it’s really important to give your head a break, especially when you’ve got a lot on the go. 

I’m also a big fan of a to do list, I genuinely don’t know how people operate without one!

Describe your typical day? 

This is a tough one as my days differ. I work remotely most of the time, so make an effort to switch up where I’m working from and it also depends a lot on if we have any upcoming deadlines. That said, I really enjoy no two days being the same so wouldn’t have it any other way.

Day to day, I work on new business pitches, concept ideation, media research and managing the campaigns from start to finish, including outreach to press. I also travel to London every other week to see the team and work from our London office.

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Are you an early bird or a night owl?

I’d love love love to be an early bird but I’m unfortunately not… I’m not particularly a night owl either. Maybe more of a mid-morning cat?

How do you wind down after a busy day? 

On a productive day (and if the sun is shining), I’ll go on a jog after work, but if not it tends to go the other way and I’ll cook a nice meal, have a glass of red and watch a period drama.

Anything else interesting you’d like to add? 

My best friend recently got me into swing dancing – for anyone who isn’t sure what that is, it’s the style of dance they did in the 20’s – 40’s with jazz music. I resisted her invitations for about 3 months but it’s actually amazing and I wish I’d done it sooner.