A day in the life of Lucy Clark, New Business & Marketing Intern

We want to show you what it’s like to be an intern at VERB. Find out what a day in the life of Lucy Clark, our New Business and Marketing Intern looks like.

How do you start your day?

With a strong (and slightly sugary) cup of tea. I like to sit in bed with a warm cuppa while catching up on social media and the news! Once I’ve caught up on all the hot topics I have a cold shower and then head out for a short walk to make sure I’m awake and ready for the day ahead.

What’s your top tip for managing your day?

Writing a to-do list the night before, and allocating a specific time to each task.

Describe your typical day?

I get to my desk at circa 9am. I always start with reading through my to-do lists and noting down if I have any calls scheduled for the day. At 9.30am I have my daily catch-up call with Amber to discuss the day ahead and review my work from the day before. At the moment I am working on an exciting TikTok pitch and researching lots of TikTok creators!

The best thing about my internship at Verb is every day is different. I have been able to see many angles of the company and how the business runs!

What/ where is your favourite place to treat yourself to lunch? 

I love treating myself to a ‘Coco di Mama’ takeaway from Deliveroo. The Midi Wild Mushroom with cheese and chilli flakes is my go-to order!

Describe working at VERB in 3x words




Are you an early bird or a night owl?

As much as I wish to be an early bird, I am definitely a night owl. 

How do you wind down after a busy day? 

I like to cook myself a tasty meal and watch some Netflix! At the moment I am loving ‘Married at First Sight UK’ (I usually spend my evening binge watching that)! Sometimes I treat myself to dinner out with my friends… Italian or Thai is my favourite! 

Anything else interesting you’d like to add? 

I am currently heading into my third year at the University of York, with the ambition to work in the media industry after I graduate. My internship at VERB has given me some amazing experience, as well as the opportunity to expand my digital knowledge – which I am really grateful for!

I would like to say a huge thank you to VERB for allowing me to intern here for a few weeks, and specifically to Amber and Sarah for making me feel so welcome!