Appy Mondays: QuizUp

andrew-authorAndrew Hadley (@baby_donthurtme)


Available on iOS and Android, QuizUp allows you to play quick-fire, trivia-based quizzes with any of the 20+ million users from across the globe, including your friends. Each quiz is comprised of seven ten-second rounds, and it’s the fastest one to the correct answer. If you’re any good, a (hopefully) thought-provoking quiz should be complete in just under a minute. With over 700 topics to choose from, there’s a topic for every user, ranging from 20th Century American Art to your favourite TV Shows.


The design of QuizUp is simple – coloured segmentation on a black background, with each colour designating a different question topic, e.g. purple signifies ‘History’. This gives the app a consistent aesthetic which is easy to navigate.



QuizUp syncs with your Facebook profile, creating a profile that you’re already used to, which sets itself up at the touch of a button. This is the easiest way, although QuizUp does offer the option to create an alternative profile. The app is easy to navigate, and quiz questions are displayed clearly in white, with four possible answers each time. As soon as you select an option, you are told whether you are correct or incorrect (it will turn green or red):


As my XP increased as I played more quizzes, I gained my first ‘title’. I really liked that when you achieve a new title, you receive an encouraging in-app notification. For example:


QuizUp also gives you the option to chat with people you have just played against, presenting you with an opportunity to meet like-minded people. After all, QuizUp does connect you with people who are passionate about similar topics. Although not intended to be a dating app, some people have even met the one! Another strength of the app is that it personalises your Home Page to show ‘Recently Played’ quiz topics. Whilst using QuizUp, I only wanted to play quizzes on a small variety of topics (largely animals), so I found this feature extremely useful.

One massive downside of the app is that you need quite a strong signal to play. Unfortunately, killing time quizzing all over the Tube is a no-no. This eventually ruins the users experience and restricts many users from using the app.

Fun Factor

QuizUp is fun app because every time you open it to play a quiz, important elements change; when I played, I answered different questions on different topics whilst playing against a different competitor each time. This element of mystery kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat.

Addictive / Reusability

Topics are regularly updated, and entirely new ones are introduced on a regular basis, which are often promoted as ‘Editor’s Picks’. As a user, the knowledge that there will be new questions on my preferred topics makes me want to use the app more.


QuizUp is free! So, for the time is takes to download the App, you can enjoy a wide range of questions until your heart’s content. In-App purchases are available (e.g. to skip levels of of XP), however these are low down on the Menu, so as not to be overbearing. I really like this decision because it encourages me to actually play quizzes, and is not trying to force sales on me, as I have experienced with other Apps in different fields.





QuizUp is a great thing to download for your phone because it is well-designed, easy to navigate and free on both AppStore and Google Play. As ‘time-wasters’ go, it is one of the more productive apps because it genuinely educates the majority of users on their topic of choice. The possibility to interact with other users is another nice feature. I tried a range of quiz topics and I think that QuizUp has genuinely broadened my general knowledge. The size of the app is continually growing, and so will it’s content. Partnered with the ability to play your friends and rematch pads players, QuizUp makes you want to sign in for more questions.

However, the reason QuizUp does not receive full marks is because in order to play, it requires phone signal, which could result in substantial data usage without WiFi. If you could open and play QuizUp anywhere, it would answer all the questions.