Appy Mondays – Paperama

james-authorBy James Clifton (@cliffioo)


Paperama is an app from FDG Entertainment, a mobile games company based in Munich, Germany.

It can be downloaded for iOS here and for Android here.

The game and it’s premice are very simple (a lot of the best games are) you have a certain number of folds in which to fold a virtual piece of paper to make a shape which is defined by a dashed line.



As you can see, they can get pretty hard.


You can grab the corners, the edges, wherever you like to then fold the piece of paper as you desire. As you begin to get close to the desired shape, you will be able to see a percentage score in the upper left of the screen which will tell you how accurate you are to completing the level.

There are a maximum of 3 stars to score on each level and they are defined by the percentage you score. There’s plenty of levels, they are split into 4 packs, Tani, Yama, Jabara and Shizume. They each have 24 levels and each set increases in difficulty.





So firstly, how does it look? Well design is always subjective, but personally I think it looks great. The use of the flat colour pallette and using the paper folding characteristics of origami throughout the app give it real character.

Menus fold out and expand using the same characteristics and this gives the app a really consistent look and feel throughout. Overall it’s a really nice looking app without breaking any boundaries.

4 / 5



There isn’t a lot to do in this app, it’s very simple. You just fold the paper by grabbing different parts of the paper. It actually ‘feels’ really good, it’s fluid, intuitive and actually really satisfying to do. The menu systems are all very simple and easy to navigate and it’s overall well laid out and everything just makes sense and is exactly where you expect it to be.

The only small qualm I have is that this game is a lot about accuracy, and it can get pretty annoying when your finger is covering the bit of the screen where you’re trying to get that little corner of the paper into an exact position. this is a common issue with a lot fo touch device based games, but would have been nice to see if they could have worked something out to help combat this.

3.5 / 5


Fun Factor

The game is actually great fun to play and as I said before, it can be extremely satisfying. The difficulty is gently ramped up so you don’t get frustrated too quickly and the background music makes it very easy to just get completely lost in it’s paper folding world.

The harder levels are indeed just that, hard. But keep at it, and when you discover that new fold and that new way to get the desired shape you want, it’s a really rewarding feeling.

4 / 5


Addictive / Reusable

Again addictiveness can be subjective, personally at first I did find this game addictive. I actually found myself sitting there, after i’d put it down, thinking in my head of how I could make the shape I was trying to make. However once I got into the harder levels I did find that it started to get quite time consuming to try and solve a single level. Personally i’m not a very patient person so for me after 2 packs of levels, I haven’t opened it since as I just know that a really difficult one is coming up.

Also other than unlocking extra levels, there isn’t really anything else that draws you back to the game, there’s no replay factor on past levels if you have got the 3 stars on them, so unfortunately once you have completed it, there’s no replay value.

2.5 / 5



Well it was free, there’s a single ad at the very start of the game when you open it, but so far that’s all I have come across. I haven’t quite got far enough to tell whether you need to pay for the harder level packs, but so far i’ve definitely had enough enjoyment for me to recommend it to others.

4.5 / 5



Overall the game is fun, looks good, is easy to use, but just lacks that addictive factor to keep me coming back for more and wanting to play it over and over. Worth a try though if you’re looking for something to keep you busy on the commute (maybe not if you’re on a tube though and rocking around everywhere)